Registration works even when your bike isn't exactly a bike.

Recovered - Black Strongway Cart:
"I saw it in the neighborhood and a U of Oregon police officer assisted me in taking it back. With my 529 shield and another marking I created it was easily identified as mine - Eric E."

Registering your bike in the 529 Garage makes it easy to prove a recovered bike is yours.

"I called the police and stayed with the bike until they came with bolt cutters. Having the 529 registration was great for proving ownership. The police said the program is working really well. I am so thrilled to have it back - Gabriel P."

Reward Offered:
"Lots and lots of croissants and pies... I am a baker" - Clemence.

Nothing like a little incentive to get the entire community engaged in finding your stolen bike! BTW, Clemence recovered her stolen bike.

Registration works! Register your bike today at

"Police recovered my bike and were able to trace it back to us using the 529 network" - Michael G.

People often complain that law enforcement doesn't adequately prioritize bike theft, but they can't reconnect you to your bike without your help. Registering your bike at allows police find you when they recover stolen property. Less than 2% of unregistered bikes make it back to their owners. Registration works!

Registering your bike at gets the eyes of the entire community engaged in the search for your stolen bike.

"My bike was stolen from an underground parking garage. Multiple locks were cut with an angle grinder. A local person spotted my bike and searched the 529 network to see if it was stolen. Once identified as stolen they notified the Police and my bike was recovered." - Adam B.

Always a good idea to check the database before buying a used bike online.

"We found it on OfferUp, the preferred platform of bike thieves. Showed the seller the stolen listing link from Project529 and they were gracious enough to return it to us as they weren't aware it was stolen." - in Tempe AZ

While you can't always prevent bike theft, you can easily increase the probability of recovery. Registering your bike in a database like enlists the entire community in your search.

"Someone on 529 network identified the bike on Craigslist. I notified the police and they set up a meet up on the same day!" - Anton H.

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