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A List of Things People Blamed on Bicycles


I don't know what's better, @NanoRaptor's genius computer products that never were, or the reactions of people unfamiliar with her oeuvre who think L-shaped CRT displays actually existed

From the heyday of L-displays, Ehman's one-and-a-bit page display and near-full-page display (often erroneously called the almost-full-page display, but that was the name of the more popular Radius product)

Times headline: “Lockdown parties inquiry is unlawful and biased, says Johnson”
Page 10 analysis: Err no it’s not.

Yet another grossly undignified tantrum from the monstrous spoiled brat who thinks rules don’t apply to him and needs to be told by a proper grown-up that they do.

The narrative of the dangers of superintelligent "AI" is the definition of a wishful worry.

It's a distraction from talking about the way capitalism ensures that while we have enough resources for everyone we let people starve and die of curable diseases.

And every "ethicist" who spends their time on "AGI" instead of the material realities of the world should be laughed off of every podium they show their face on.

People have been conditioned to believe that cycling is dangerous, instead of believing that motor vehicles are dangerous. The 20th century was a weird time.

@CyclingJourno Tyre sizes as commonly described are indeed bollocks. My road bike uses 700c tyres, my gravel bike tyres are described as 29". They are actually both 622 size using the ETRTO/ISO system. If buying & you are not quite sure of the size, you really have to use the ETRTO sizing. The late great Sheldon Brown site has it all


Everyone else uses <width>/<aspect ratio> - <rim diameter> and it works well....

Just banged up against the amazing stupidity of bike tyre sizes. I'm reviewing a folding bike with 16-inch tyres. Stood it next to a Brompton, which also has 16-inch tyres, to compare the folded size. Thought my eyes were going funny cos the wheels were clearly different sizes.

And they are! Brompton's 16x1 3/8 wheels are larger than this bikes 16 x 1.5 wheels – 349mm rim diameter vs 305mm. Bike industry REALLY needs to stop using bloody inches to describe tyre & wheel sizes.

Suella Braverman extolling the virtues of the homes, apartments in Rwanda that will welcome the refugees expelled by the English government reminds me of something.

The Danish Red Cross, in 1943, demanded an inspection of the camp at Theresienstadt. After much stalling, the Nazis decided to give them what they wanted. What the visiting délégation saw were happy Jews watching plays, operas and even a football match. They saw flower filled gardens and brightly painted homes. They saw Jewish policemen, and even a trial of a man accused of theft. This was all to give the impression of normalcy.

Nothing was further from the truth. The Nazis had cleverly fooled the Danish. After the visitors left, the inmates were deported to other death camps.

Nothing about what Braverman does and says hasn't been seen before.

She's a nazi.


@JF_Sebastian67 @Steveb An alternate opinion:14 years ago I was riding a steel frame entry level road bicycle, and every bike I owned up to then was mostly steel. When contemplating whether to invest in a carbon road bike, but thinking I was getting more exercise with a heavier bike, a friend suggested that with the right carbon bike, riding would be so much more pleasurable that I would want to ride more often and farther and would get even more exercise. They were right.

Three ridgebacks, one sofa.

@DrCantabulous & my gaff is currently home to three Rhodesian ridgebacks. Indi, right, and Astra, left are ours, while Henna, middle, is a foster who's been with us for five weeks.

Henna has been abused and was VERY nervous at first but has slowly relaxed over the last few weeks. This is the first time all three have taken over the sofa together!

All three are

@velobetty At the dog park, two people getting their dogs into a Range Rover.

First they towelled the dogs clean, cos you can't get mud into the boot of your Rangie, doncha know.

Then they had to LIFT the dogs into the back of the car cos the tailgate is about fifteen feet off the fucking floor.

WTAF is the point of a 'country' vehicle that your dogs can't even jump into?

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