Didn't go for a cycle this morning even though it's a decent morning.
My back/shoulder injury is healing enough that I don't immediately wake up when I lie on it when asleep. But when I do wake up it's knacking.

Turns out bicycle bells are another scan that should never be picked at.

Doesn't matter how you alert others to your presence, just be polite and respectful when doing so and be gracious when others let you through.

You will never appreciate dynamo lights more than when you have to pop to the shop to get a missing ingredient.

No fuss, just get on your bike and ride.

After an evening binging Are Go, I'm wishing billionaires were less like Elon Musk and more like Jeff Tracey.

Oh we finally have another parallel crossing on South Tyneside. This one is on NCN 14 across Laygate. 👍

Whilst we were out, a guy on a bike stopped to talk and ask what we were doing. Apparantly cycle paths are too wide. Cyclists are the biggest danger, but he sticks to traffic free routes(!?). And cyclists without bells are the worst. I dont have a bell.

Meeting someone at the @sustrans portrait bench in South Shields for more barrier auditing.
Never noticed this plaque on the side of the bench before

Even the Telegraph is now saying UK should embrace onshore wind farms. It's utterly ridiculous that we aren't putting up turbines all.over

I managed to time the ride to the shop about 10min too early, and seemed to catch the last few idiots* rushing home for the kickball. Hey ho.

*Not all football fans are idiots obvs, but it seems that idiots are mostly football fans

Well the moulton TSR is now only 3 large pieces rather than half a dozen. Just need to fit the headset, bars and transmission and a few odds and sods.

Just listened to the @roadcc podcast. @carlafrancome was eloquent and excellent as she is on twitter and a great interview

Well a shim made from a coke tin has sorted my crown race issue out. It's now lovely and snug with no play.

First cinema visit in a decade earlier to see Strange World with the granddaughter. A really good film that isn't overly childish. Felt like a mashup of Journey To The Centre Of The Earth and Fantastic Voyage on acid. Really enjoyed it

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