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Next summer, you have a unique opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, experience new things like wild camping & wild swimming and (if it's a clear night) be amazed at the clarity of the stars over Dartmoor.

Simply book yourself onto a WillCycle Guided Wild Camping adventure

Cycle touring insurance can be a minefield, so you need to be switched on. ALWAYS read the policy, to see what you'll be covered for before signing up.
I did that and was shocked!

Getting very excited now! Less than a week (and only 3 more working days) before my Wild Atlantic Way cycling adventure!

There's a special place in hell for people who use animation of any kind in their profile pics or user name 😠

Striving for social justice is the most valuable thing to do in life.

~ Albert Einstein

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It's SO fashionable to slag the UK off these days and it's become easy to forget what a stunning place it is to live, or just visit

@WilliamNB Use it or loose it. I have never felt fitter than I do now. And I'm 56 years young. Keep on cycling; or whatever you do to keep fit.

Most people get to decide, within reason, what physical state they'll be in when they get old. Just because you get older doesn't automatically mean you must be feeble.
Choose wisely, and choose *now*

Meta, still called Facebook back then, also kept failing, yet still being rewarded, to the point where they could be fined $5B, and basically shrug it off with a single quarter's worth of profits. Basically the poster child for exploitation through dishonest technology, dark patterns.

It was the decade in which we warned people about Facebook, Facebook proving us right, and yet somehow never facing any lasting consequences. It was the decade in which Facebook's practices got us election interference, massive amounts of data harvesting, and so forth.

Only the name has changed, since then.

8/ 🧵

Towards the end of December 2019 I did a whole thread on Twitter, essentially reviewing the decade as ‘The Decade of Dishonest Technology’. It didn't start with that decade, and it hasn't stopped since, but it was the decade that got bought, and then sold everything about us under false pretenses, whether for state or corporate purposes.

It was the decade of technology that wasn't only biased, but straight up lied to us. Lies that most of us didn't really care about, as long as they didn't hit our own wallet.

Strap in, I am reviewing and updating the whole thread for the Mastodon Age.

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Teacher: William Shakespeare is credited with the invention of over 1,700 words. He was a linguistic genius.

Student: Can I make up words and use them in my papers?

Teacher: Absolutely fucking not.

Spent a delightful day with eldest daughter (she's long-term unwell) and we visited both Exeter and Exmouth.
As a bonus, we had gorgeous weather for it 🙂

Another route guide's live. This is for Manifold Way - probably far more gorgeous than the Monsal Trail, but not nearly as well-known

If you ride single-speed, or with hub gears, there's a revolutionary upgrade available for you right now!
Make your chain last AT LEAST 3.5 times longer, while making your drive-train more efficient.

Anyone who thinks multiculturalism is the enemy has never had their neighbour knock on the door and give them a big-ass bowl of homemade biryani.

When you hear people say "We have too many regulations" or "we need to slash red tape" or just raging at "big government" remind them of things like this. This rare, because we have such rules, because those protections matter.

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