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Next summer, you have a unique opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, experience new things like wild camping & wild swimming and (if it's a clear night) be amazed at the clarity of the stars over Dartmoor.

Simply book yourself onto a WillCycle Guided Wild Camping adventure

Starting with my Taff Trail route guide, my route guides will have additional tags: the star rating, the train line it's on (if on a train line) and the distance.
That will (in due course) allow you to find routes of your preference far easier

For example, if you're a less confident cyclist, you may prefer routes with higher star ratings. Equally, you may want a longer route. These additional tags make finding all that easier.

Fantastic Friday's here, people!
What're your plans for the weekend?

If you have children and would like a *different* set of witch and wizard books for them, I am here to help.

First up, The Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones

This has the added benefit of introducing all the other books Diana Wynn Jones wrote, which are also amazing.

Over half the traffic-free route guides on now have star-ratings and a dynamic weather forecast.
I did all the hard work, so all YOU need to do is visit the site, find your next route, read all about it, look at the photos, download the GPX & go ride it!

You will notice the route guide has a star-rating. That's intended to be an easy way for esp parents cycling with kids, but also less-confident cyclists to get an idea about a route.
Check the route guide before setting off, as it also includes a weather forecast!

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London Cyclists, as soon as the weather improves, you simply *must* go cycle this route! Stick your bike on the train to Shalford, then cycle to the sea in traffic-free bliss!
Bookmark the route & share with all your friends!

"To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?"
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

#photography #edinburgh

Frustrating: When you Google "Monsal Trail", my route guide is in 12th place. I honestly believe it deserves to rank higher.
Please will you look at all the sites that rank above it, then at my guide & tell me what you prefer about the others?
What can I do to make my guide better?

Microsoft knows that VS Code extensions are being weaponised to distribute malware, but they have now native way at all to tell what extensions are installed across a domain & no way to restrict what extensions may be installed. That's a massive fail.
Cobbled together 2 PowerShell scripts to give us insight on what we're dealing with, so now at least we can see what extensions we have installed out there.

@WilliamNB this is a great idea.

I've found expressing the impact on the cyclist as a person is important [I felt <scared, shocked, etc>] and tend to use even stronger words where relevant [I was <afraid, terrified, etc> that the driver was about to crash into me]

I also start reports by giving some context: [I was cycling from work to home, I was cycling from home to the hospital, I was cycling to collect my daughter, etc] because it can change some pre-conceptions.

Do yourself & police you submit the report to, a favour: copy the suggested report from here, and amend it to reflect your circumstances & the unique scenario of each close pass.
The NR of drivers prosecuted should rise if you do this.
Share with others, so they can also see a rise in the NR of successful prosecutions.

I actually have a few books for which I've still to write a review. In the meantime, if you're looking for good cycling related reading material, here's a great place to start:

Folks are treating the recent tech layoffs as something spontaneous. They were not. Apparently the current layoffs were orchestrated by hedge funds.

This hedge fund demanded that the big tech companies lay people off because they were being paid too much. Let that one sink in: a hedge fund manager saying that you're being paid too much.

Note that TCI is demanding that Google lay off more people.

Literally every sane person on the planet: "No means no. Consent matters!"

Project managers at tech companies: "Either consent or 'not now', there is no 'never' option."

1. Florida teachers are being told to remove all books from their classroom libraries OR FACE FELONY PROSECUTION

The new policy is based on the premise that teachers are using books to "groom" students or indoctrinate them with leftist ideologies.


Updated the Lincoln to Fledborough cycle route with a star-rated grading, as well as more pics of the route

Remember, if YOU find this useful, others will too, so be nice to them by sharing. Also look at all the other traffic-free routes I have

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