Do yourself & police you submit the report to, a favour: copy the suggested report from here, and amend it to reflect your circumstances & the unique scenario of each close pass.
The NR of drivers prosecuted should rise if you do this.
Share with others, so they can also see a rise in the NR of successful prosecutions.

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@WilliamNB that's very helpful thank you. But with the highway code saying 'should' rather than 'must' (for giving cyclists 1.5m) does that leave drivers more wiggle room as you put it? I'm flabbergasted it's a should.

@twoslipsandagully Not at all. There are now a great many court cases in which drivers were successfully prosecuted. Those serve as a precedent.

@WilliamNB That's good to hear. We get a few close passes, but since the new highway code and being on a tandem we are now more dominant in our road positioning giving cars less chance to squeeze past. We felt that change to the highway code that empowered us to do that, which is good.

@WilliamNB this is a great idea.

I've found expressing the impact on the cyclist as a person is important [I felt <scared, shocked, etc>] and tend to use even stronger words where relevant [I was <afraid, terrified, etc> that the driver was about to crash into me]

I also start reports by giving some context: [I was cycling from work to home, I was cycling from home to the hospital, I was cycling to collect my daughter, etc] because it can change some pre-conceptions.

@adamkhancan Those are great points, thanks Adam.
I'll go update the post to add them (with credit to you).

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