Frustrating: When you Google "Monsal Trail", my route guide is in 12th place. I honestly believe it deserves to rank higher.
Please will you look at all the sites that rank above it, then at my guide & tell me what you prefer about the others?
What can I do to make my guide better?

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@WilliamNB Content-wise, I can't see why your guide shouldn't be in first place. But Google and Bing have various criteria that have nothing to do with your content. The number of links from other sites is one of them (and you can't do all that much about it, beyond posting the link in forums etc.). SEO theory reveals quite a few more that probably wouldn't occur to normal human beings. Many concern code and structural niceties, use of a CDN etc. Speed is a pretty primary issue.

@MartinFarrent @WilliamNB
I agree with Martin's answer.

Analysing the page with Lighthouse from the Chrome Devtools gives some suggestions.

The Google Search Console website may also give some additional pointers.

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