London Cyclists, as soon as the weather improves, you simply *must* go cycle this route! Stick your bike on the train to Shalford, then cycle to the sea in traffic-free bliss!
Bookmark the route & share with all your friends!


You will notice the route guide has a star-rating. That's intended to be an easy way for esp parents cycling with kids, but also less-confident cyclists to get an idea about a route.
Check the route guide before setting off, as it also includes a weather forecast!

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@WilliamNB or for the more intrepid, ride the Thames Path from Central London to Weybridge, then go down the Wey Navigation to Guildford before picking it up.

There's a few rougher bits around Send but passable in the summer even on a road bike if it's been dry.

I did it last year from Hampton Court Bridge with this route:

Also don't forget the Ice Cream cafe on Shoreham Beach!

@WilliamNB it navigates through Guildford without using busy roads too

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