Now the map of long(ish) traffic-free cycle routes in the UK looks like this. Clicking any coloured line (on the site!) will bring up more info about the route.

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This image shows the ONLY places in all of England and Wales where wild camping is legal, without explicit consent of the landowner.
A hedge fund manager wants to remove that from us. Are you going to let him?

With cycling gear, you normally have to chose any 2 of the following 2: light, strong & cheap.
With a WillCycle hoodie, you get Warm, Look Cool and Cheap in the same package

@RantyHighwayman Please can I ask your advice?
I complained to Plymouth CC about a "Cyclists dismount and use the footway" sign where the cycle lane was closed, but the main carriageway remained open for cars. I referred to LTN 1/20 and claimed usage of that sign was wrong.
This is what I got back:

Mastodon people, if you get a message similar to that shown below, please simply block & report the account, as it's a scam

Someone else's words, but so many of us share the sentiment.
Mastodon is simply so much *nicer*

The continues apace
Over 7.2 million accounts on Mastodon now, with well over half a million joining just in the past week.

Damn. My phone's a few years old now, but I like it and don't want to replace it.
To be fair, I *might* not need to replace it - guess I'll find out in Feb!

This image shows all the traffic-free cycle routes I already published, but there are loads more on the way.
YOU can help - this link has the details: