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Are you a cyclist in the UK? I need YOUR help, please: I'm creating route guides for traffic-free cycling routes in the UK. You can see the 60-odd routes already listed here, but I need to add many more: willcycle.com/2022/10/12/new-t
Please will you tell me about routes not yet listed?
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I'm working on creating route guides for all traffic-free cycling routes in the UK & your help would be much appreciated.
Please look at the map and let me know what routes are still needed?
Please use the reply form on the page to tell me, as keeping track of suggestions on here will be hard.


Fellow who migrated to Mastodon, shall we simply use the hashtag above to identify ourselves?
If we all posted a message with that hashtag, all of us can search for the hashtag and reconnect with old friends from the bird site.
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