@andrew Oh, I saw the data they have to back it up. They have been testing with a large German cargo-bike firm, and the figures are bloody impressive.

If you ride single-speed, or with hub gears, there's a revolutionary upgrade available for you right now!
Make your chain last AT LEAST 3.5 times longer, while making your drive-train more efficient.

Anyone who thinks multiculturalism is the enemy has never had their neighbour knock on the door and give them a big-ass bowl of homemade biryani.

When you hear people say "We have too many regulations" or "we need to slash red tape" or just raging at "big government" remind them of things like this. This rare, because we have such rules, because those protections matter. independent.co.uk/news/world/a

If you ever feel useless and unproductive, always remember that a whole generation of world leaders will one day go down in history as a gang of complete failures because, against their better judgment, they did NOTHING about the climate crisis.

@jfparis No still here. Unfortunately, the browser I use, Brave, has decided to do silly things with Mastodon (probably an issue on my laptop, rather than with Brave) so I need to switch browsers to use Mastodon.
Once I fixed it, I'll resume normal service on here

Want to know the secret to losing weight instantly?
Want weight loss without putting in the effort?
You have questions - here are answers. But perhaps not the answers you wanted.

As spring is here, more people will be dusting off their bikes and going for a ride. Most rides are lovely, but sometimes things go wrong.
Are you prepared for that? Do you have your Crash Card?

@SteveJonesnono1 I'll try and have daily updates on willcycle.com, and will be live-sharing my location on the site 🙂

In the UK, the leading cause of death in men, since 2001, has been heart disease. For women, the leading cause of death is dementia, primarily caused by Alzheimer’s. The risk of both heart disease and Alzheimer’s can be greatly lessened through physical exercise.
Why am I telling you this?
Simple: go ride your bicycle! Your very life probably depends on it!
Extend your life, while having fun - go cycle touring!

For example, I genuinely believe my Monsal Trail guide to be the best available out there, but it has precious few links pointing to it.
But don't take my word for it - 1st Google Monsal Trail & look at the top results, then go have a look at this: willcycle.com/2022/10/27/monsa

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I would really appreciate that!

So you want to cycle a UK-based coast to coast route, but get away from the crowds, find solitude, and want to be totally self-reliant, along a route that's far from boring, and presents more challenging surfaces to ride on?
This is the route you want:

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