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"I want it, Daddy, and I want it NOW!"
If you ever watched the original Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (the Johnny Depp remake isn’t worth watching!) then you will be familiar with that phrase, uttered by Veruca Salt. It’s so easy to dismiss her character as an obvious exaggeration, from a humorous children’s story, but the sad reality is that pretty much accurately describes modern society.

If you work in the media, this is your scoop. You could write about how UNESCO has dedicated the International Day of Education entirely to Afghan women and girls, and how nobody in the media is talking about it, and all the nefarious reasons why nobody in the media is talking about it.

Failing that, you could just write about how UNESCO has dedicated the International Day of Education entirely to Afghan women and girls.

Seriously, nobody is talking about it.


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If you're British, or live in the UK, PLESE sign this petition?
I'm stumped as to why it's only had 7 574 signatures!

We're hiring for 2 exciting roles:
💫 Head of HR
💫 Campaigns Assistant

Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do. #WednesdayThought

Please, PLEASE at very least tell me something about yourself in your bio before following me?
Whether I follow you back or not isn't personal: I prefer to follow people whose interests overlap with mine.
If I can't view your profile at all, or your bio's blank and you have no messages yet, I certainly won't follow you back.

@WilliamNB Done, and it was painful. Another tip - they have a twenty character limit, but the change password tool will let you paste in a 40 character password from a password manager then lock you out when you try to use it to log in.

Next newsletter, The Spirit Of Adventure, is being sent out today at 16h00, but if you've not signed up for it, you won't see it :-)
Signing up is quick & easy at and you'll receive it every 2 weeks.
Go on! Others like it, so you will too!

You use PayPal, right? Well, go change your password NOW.
1000s of PayPal accounts were breached because the owners were stupid enough to use the same password for everything.
While you're at it, go sign up for a free account at, to manage your passwords!

Tax the Wealthy At Least 75%, Says Oxfam. Do It Now.

The billionaires and their invited guests at Davos will pay this
international call no mind, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.
After all, we've done it before.

#capitalism, #davos, #inequality, #Oxfam, #taxtherich, #taxation,

Before making a report to , do yourself a favour and read this guide 1st.
It will help you & help police stand a better chance of prosecuting that driver who endangered you!
Please share far & wide (also on FB)

Another canal route guide done. This is the Shropshire Union Canal, between Nantwich and Ellesmere Port.
As ever, please let me know of any errors or omissions?

Best use² for stacks of superseded blank printed circuit boards? Go¹!

¹ particularly after right answers, but your entertainingly wrong ones will be cherished also.
² or guidlines for responsible disposal (contains lead, tin, fiberglass, copper)

How do we take power from the ultra-rich and create a system defended against self-dealing in government and the rise of robber barons? If you figure that out you solve pretty much everything, including climate change.

Okay, this one is of my favorite Tit, the Long-tailed tit. There are loads of these in the UK, but you generally hear them rather than see them, and if you see them, they don't stop for long. So today I managed quite a few shots of this magnificent bird, so there maybe more posted today or over the coming week. I hope you like it.

#nature #NaturePhotography #Birds #Wildlife #naturecommunity #photography #BirdsOfMastodon #birdphotography

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully when assembling your dog.

Yes, there are too many malignant narcissists and sociopaths in positions of power. But the bigger problem is the number of voters drawn to them and enablers cheering them on.

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