For transparency: I just soft blocked a TERF ("trans excluding radical feminists") shithole instance. You still can add these TERFs to lists and stuff or follow them (why should you) but boosts won't propagate and some discussions might have holes.


Reading through the pages I have not seen anything that can be punished under german law. But still so much hate. I am so happy with the decentralized Fediverse: Large platforms can be forced to contract (nice Kontrahierungszwang), here we first can say: 1. Go, build your own Fediverse instance, protocols are open! 2. Blocking your instance does not stiffle free speech, every potential recipient can look at your local timeline!

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@admin thank you @admin 👏
If someone wants that sort of 💩 there's a bird site where they can get it in bucket loads

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