I have increased the number of sidekiq workers to deal with the remaining queue from yesterday. Now the sidekiq main process consumes one CPU core. Expct another hour or two of delayed toots.

Faster than I thought. The queue is close to zero. So realtime tooting again! So let's see what happens whenwe lift the muting of mastodon.social...

Done. I've tinkered with settings for sidekiq workers, web threads and database connections during the day. You noticed many 5 minute outtimes and several longer delays for incoming or outgoing toots. In the moment the setting allows for shorter queues than number of worker threads, with full memory utilization (considering disk cache as important) and one core having lots of 100% bursts while not being always at 100%.


Now memory and disk IO are close to the limit what's possible on this machine. So the move to the new server really is important.

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