Today's the day! Blue Machine is out in the world.

When we think we're talking about the ocean, it's usually fish, the whales or the pollution - anything except the water itself. It's time for that to change. Blue Machine tells the biggest story on Earth. And reviewers are being very nice about it:

‘An untold story that is vital to everyone on the planet.’

‘What a wonderful book . . . a history, ecology and conservation exploration. I loved it!’

#Ocean #science

Yesterday I made a wee loop of some figures dancing by a river, & only realised after posting that I'd made a #RiverDance and should have, you know, done the *proper* dance.

So I decided to give it a go.

It did not go well, but it made me laugh so...

#silly #river #video #loop #dance #drawing #animation

Other work by the Ladybird artists.
‘May in South Devon’
Whitbread calendar 1971
Artist: SR Badmin
#Illustration #nature #devon #wildflowers

While I'm bitching about batteries, large or small. We need laws which require manufacturers to make mobile phone, tablet and laptop batteries replaceable and trade-in-able (<- not a word, I know), with additional legislation requiring manufacturers to be responsible for the recycling. Replacing a whole device because the battery is at 25% of spec is a major part of the problem. And the cobalt in the battery casings can be recycled instead of mined by slaves in the DRC. Most metallic elements are as close to 100% recyclable as to make disposal and mining new a crime against humanity, even without slavery being involved.

The device I'm writing this on was bought with a trade-in of my old device to the manufacturer of these devices. This was only voluntary, though. These trade-ins need to be compulsory and batteries need to be exchangeable. I turn my old desktops into Debian boxes when they become too old to run their native OS after security patches and updates.

It continuously pisses me off that I chose to stay flight free but one rich tosser can undo it all 1000x over because they can’t be bothered to get on a fancy electric train with first class and wine. Not just one rich tosser, 3300 private jets between London and Paris alone.

Tax them into oblivious and use it to improve and expand our rail network.

“Women didn’t get the right to vote voting.”
Sticker spotted in Paris

Very large old spreading tree at Gormanston College on the Meath Dublin border. #thicktrunktuesday

We're not just one of the most nature-depleted countries - we're disconnected from the natural world too. It's time to re-establish our immersion in nature, from walking in woods to bathing in icy lakes. We need an extended @Right_2Roam

Me for @MetroUK👇


Another amazing little ecosystem I found - this one growing on a bench in a park while taking the hound for his constitutional.

There's so much going on in just a few square inches here! The whole bench was pretty much amazing...

Vertical / portrait orientation, so click in for a better look

#LichenSubscribe #Lichen #Macro #MacroPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography

Labour: "We're social conservatives now"

Tories: "We're national conservatives now"

Someone please send help!

One of the chambers in my first ever bee house is full! Red mason bee babies, I think.

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