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By way of , I write an occasional blog about cycling in Dublin, and this account will be focused.

I have two Dutch bikes - a Gazelle electric bike and a Workcycles non-electric. I use my bikes as my main form of transport around Dublin, including my commute into work.

I'm passionate about making cycling (and other forms of active/sustainable transport) accessible for all ages and abilities. That means creating segregated spaces where people feel safe to ride their bikes.

We're getting ready to roll with #CriticalMassDub - just over 24hrs to go.
⏰6pm, 📆Friday 27 Jan, from Parnell Square N.
Grab your bike (or bikeshare), join like minded people who cycle in our city, for an hour of music & cheer. Dublin is a Cycling City!
#IBIKEBop #MonthlyCycles #CriticalMass #Dublin #DublinCycling #BikeTooter #Dub

⏰ It’s almost the last Friday of the month.

📆 Save the date, this Friday, 27 January is #CriticalMassDub time.
🕧 6pm, Parnell Sq., Dublin 1
This will be the first outing of #IBIKEBop for 2023 🎉

See you there!
#BikeTooter #MonthlyCycles #Dublin #Cycling #DublinCycling #CriticalMassDub

My electric bike is temporarily off the road while I wait for new brake pads to arrive. And so, now that I'm back on the acoustic bike, I have to reacquaint myself with the effort required to pull off from lights without electrical assist. Phew!

I am a largely sedentary person but my eye was caught by this number on my bike.

8661 km cycled since I got it. If I hadn’t had it, they would have been bus or taxi rides.

E-bikes are the magic wand for city traffic and transport.

Here’s a new leaked photo of the rumored Trek Fetch+ 4 cargo bike for the European market. It’s an alloy frame, Bosch Smart System Performance Line CX mid motor, Gates carbon drive, Enviolo heavy duty continuous gearing, Tektro hydraulic brakes, and Herrmans & Trelock lights. Total weight capacity is 250kg. #BikeTooter #cargobike #ebike

We had asked for the Mount Brown bus gate and other bus gates planned under BusConnects to be installed now to improve bus reliability and journey times. We're delighted to hear that Minister Ryan has asked the NTA to look at this. 🚍

Finally got fenders for my bike and rode in the rain for the first time and...what have I even been doing up until now?

All those days of wet shoes and pants. It didn't need to be that way!


The front light of my electric bike seems to have broken. Either that or there's something wrong with the wiring.

So it seems that I'm going to have to resort to battery-powered lights like a normal person.

Free winter tires for people choosing bikes over cars in #Sweden—public transport agency will give away studded tires for winter bicycle users.

The time is nearly upon us for December’s #CriticalMassDub / #IBIKEBop/
Join us this Friday
16 December, 6pm
Parnell Square, D1 (Opposite Hugh Lane Gallery)
For an hour of cycling in the city centre w/ @monthlycycles and some great Christmas tunes
Finishes 7pm Barnardo Square, D2.
#CriticalMassDub #IBIKEBop #MonthlyCyclers #BikeTooter #CriticalMass #Dublin #Cycling #DublinCycling #BikeIsBest #BetterByBike
Video via @deirdren

MILAN has approved a £200 million plan to create a new 750km network of bike paths linking 80% of the city to bike paths, & connect the city to surrounding areas. The goal is to achieve a 20% modal shift to biking by 2035.
Strategy & leadership.
#milan #cities #urbanism #BikeLanes #cars

Typical city design conversation:

🚙: "I will drive whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, as fast as I want, and there better be free parking when I get there"

🚲: "I want to get somewhere without dying."

🚗: "Cyclists are SO entitled."

I'm tired. 😑


Our next Monthly Cycles event will take place on Wednesday evening, 14 December. 🥳

Festoon your bike with festive lights, and stand by more further details by email. 🎅🏼🎄🚲

And if you're not on our mailing list yet, get on it! 🤩



There’s many people who cannot for various reasons walk or stand much, temporarily or permanently, but can cycle a standard, adapted, folding or cargo bike.

Best not to make assumptions based just on how people look or what they are cycling. There are many hidden disabilities.

I dont know how many people are aware of this but there is a direct action form of bike activism called "Critical Mass"

Basically once a month in 300 cities around the world, people get together and ride their bikes on roads.

This is all to advocate for better bike infrastructure and to push away cars for a bit.

If you live in one of those cities, go there ride around have fun and show that people care about biking

#cycling #criticalmass #urbanplanning

Some more bollards have been added to help protect the bike lane!

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Who needs an SUV?

Between our two cargo bikes, we can transport 9 people and a lot of stuff, travel 200km on a single charge that costs just a few cents, and get our exercise all without clogging roads or spewing emissions.

And we can “drive” right up to our destination without worrying about parking.

Best of all, the bikes cost less than a few SUV payments.

Join us this Sunday, December 4th, in the Phoenix Park for our annual Santa Cycle!

See details below!

Start the Holiday season off in style! All Are welcome and there are selection boxes for the kids!

Starts at 1:45pm at Phoenix Monument on Chesterfield Avenue

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