I finally got the new frame built up, this replaces the frame I broke last fall. I had to reach across the pond to find a steel, full squish frameset with geometry I could work with.

Miju being Miju....Late entry for caturday since i couldn't get it to upload last night.

Head Banger Helper: I would love to see more metal pics and memes with the tag

What fresh hell is this? Opened Pinkbike today to see this message. Besides the fact that I have never spammed anyone, and there was no evidence of my account being compromised, I was sort of surprised that the penalty works out to almost 15 years. Is anyone else doing hard time at Pinkbike?

Went mountain biking today instead of going to work. overall, It was a pretty solid decision. i challenge anyone reading this to take a day off in the next couple weeks, and do something they enjoy. (bearing in mind that mountain biking is arguably the best thing)

Bonus Miju picture. Both our cats are rescues and I am always confused at how anyone could have given them up.

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I've been trying all morning to put the bop In the bop shoo bop shoo bop? At this point I may just put the ram In the rama lama ding dong and be done with it!

Miju typically makes a sound when she starts to climb the stairs, but when she runs up them, it usualy sounds like this.

F.U. covid, you owe me a bike ride!!!!

I look at this picture every time I think about re-opening a fakebook account.

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