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Frage nicht, was Mastodon für Dich tun kann, frage, was Du für Mastodon tun kannst!

If you see "Reducing local balance [...]" in your logs, your node was unable to forward to your peer. Please tell your peer to fix the issue!

To fix a "stuck" channel, you can rebalance using very small amounts (<354 sats).

You may also want to vote for This issue also contains links to further information.


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If you opened a channel and are low on funds on YOUR side of the channel, your peer might be unable to send sats back to you.

To avoid this, make sure to keep enough sats (>10k) on your side. Stop routing (disable the channel) before you run out of funds.

You can also increase your fees to the funds on your side of the channel for a bit longer.


Es ist alles nur noch unfassbar. Wenn Politik und Ideologie die Arbeit von Ermittlungsbehörden beeinflussen und instrumentalisieren steht der Rechtsstaat als solcher auf dem Spiel. Man muss das so deutlich sagen. #LetzteGeneration

Das SSL-Zertifikat der Polizei für @AufstandLastGen ist abgelaufen, weshalb man den Inhalt (Text als Bild) gar nicht sehen kann. Profis am Werk 🤦‍♂️. Ich spende jedenfalls weiter.

If a node has two or more channels to some peer, it might make sense to pick the "right" channel when forwarding a payment.

I already added a few tweaks to my own node, but I'd love to see a proper implementation.

Guten Morgen meine Damen und Herren, wir begrüßen Sie zur tagesschau!

Hallo und Fahrradbubble, wofür sind denn diese Markierungen direkt vor einem legalen Parkplatz gut? Ist das ein sehr kurzer Schutzstreifen? Ich verstehe es nicht. Piusstr FR Süden, Kreuzung mit Weinsbergstr.

The Bullet Time Video Booth worked perfectly during the wedding. Now I have to process >100 shots.
Good thing that #DaVinciResolve is scriptable.

I gave up over a 150,000 followers on Twitter to be on Mastodon full time. Yes, the engagement and reach is a lot less, but I'll build it back up and it will be worth it. I hate to see people run back to Twitter because of friends or careers or whatever. You know what changes that? Being on Mastodon and bring those people here. Musk is a horrible person, don't be one of his enablers.

Due to the empy-ish mempool I just closed two channels and suggested 2 sat/vByte. My peers suggested 16 sat/vByte. They opened the channels, so my node accepted their proposal🤷

Consent-O-Matic is a browser extension that auto-responds to all the #GDPR and similar consent popups with optimal user preferences.

Unlike the extension "I don't care about cookies" which just accepts all cookies, Consent-O-Matic clicks the prompts on your behalf to reject most of the cookies. You can also choose what to accept/reject in the preferences.

Available for Firefox, Chrome and others.

I've been using this on Firefox :firefox: for quite sometime now and it works great!

Their Github page has links to official extension stores:

#AMO link:

#privacy #webextensions #addons #addon #extension #chrome #firefox #safari

I’m so happy I am no longer in the Calendar/CalDAV/time zone business.
Today: Lebanon had a last minute announcement of DST postponement. The Olson database was updated. Now there is a dispute if it happens, and of the government reversed it. The country now has two timezones, that are not geographically divided, just who you are asking.

This mailing list post summarizes it well.

Should I randomly delete files to keep at most, say, 1,000 around?

Should I just let the user take care of this, adding files without any limit?

Should I purge the whole directory every once in a while (if the user starts my program)?

I don't think I can make use of the file's creation/modification data, as I need this information to check if the thumbnail matches the original image's data.

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I'm writing a simple program to show pictures, something like gThumb or Eye Of Gnome, just better. I hope. Java, JavaFX, Gradle, Spring Boot - fun!

When it comes to thumbnails persisted on disk, which is an optional feature, how/when should I clean up those files? Some ideas:

Hattrick! 🥲

1) Expensive force close (28 sat/vByte, 8,000sat)
2) Lots of liquidity in limbo (0.7 BTC)
3) Funds frozen for a while (2000 blocks)

I just see that an outgoing HTLC timed out, even though both nodes were online (and routing!)

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