Hattrick! 🥲

1) Expensive force close (28 sat/vByte, 8,000sat)
2) Lots of liquidity in limbo (0.7 BTC)
3) Funds frozen for a while (2000 blocks)

I just see that an outgoing HTLC timed out, even though both nodes were online (and routing!)

@c_otto83 A single timeout shouldn't trigger a force-close, should it?

@c_otto83 Oh wait, I misread. You mean the actual time lock. Sry.

Do you know why the cooperative close failed exactly?

@raucao I'm pretty sure Kraken's node (which is the peer in question) didn't know enough about the HTLC. From their POV nothing was wrong. My node did not attempt a coop close, as this isn't possible with pending HTLCs. Aside from that, I kinda liked that channel, no need to close it...

Can you provide more information to learn how to prevent such situation in the future?

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