I regularly close channels on my node c-otto.de, sometimes after just 45 days. For me, a combination of the following criteria is important to guide my decision. If you want your/our channel to thrive, please read on.

1) Lots of sats on my side. Sadly, my funds are limited. As such, I need to move sats according to demand. A channel with 99% on my side could help with that.

Good news, everyone! The most recent version of lnd-manageJ now also supports on AArch64 (ARM64) on Linux and Mac OS X.

That means support for the🍎M1 chip!


Tweak your coop close fee settings, otherwise this might happen to you:

computing fee compromise, ideal=386, last_sent=0, remote_offer=4080
fee of 0.0000408 BTC accepted, ending negotiation

My peer pays 21 sat/vByte for the coop close, instead of 2 sat/vByte (or less).


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