If you opened a channel and are low on funds on YOUR side of the channel, your peer might be unable to send sats back to you.

To avoid this, make sure to keep enough sats (>10k) on your side. Stop routing (disable the channel) before you run out of funds.

You can also increase your fees to the funds on your side of the channel for a bit longer.


If a node has two or more channels to some peer, it might make sense to pick the "right" channel when forwarding a payment.

I already added a few tweaks to my own node, but I'd love to see a proper implementation.


Due to the empy-ish mempool I just closed two channels and suggested 2 sat/vByte. My peers suggested 16 sat/vByte. They opened the channels, so my node accepted their proposal🤷

Node management is hard. My node now is low on inbound liquidity from LOOP. Things can be weird.

In the past 60 days, my node routed 10 BTC towards @walletofsatoshi. That's a lot.

I regularly close channels on my node c-otto.de, sometimes after just 45 days. For me, a combination of the following criteria is important to guide my decision. If you want your/our channel to thrive, please read on.

1) Lots of sats on my side. Sadly, my funds are limited. As such, I need to move sats according to demand. A channel with 99% on my side could help with that.

Good news, everyone! The most recent version of lnd-manageJ now also supports on AArch64 (ARM64) on Linux and Mac OS X.

That means support for the🍎M1 chip!


Tweak your coop close fee settings, otherwise this might happen to you:

computing fee compromise, ideal=386, last_sent=0, remote_offer=4080
fee of 0.0000408 BTC accepted, ending negotiation

My peer pays 21 sat/vByte for the coop close, instead of 2 sat/vByte (or less).


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