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An der Tanke kannst du bar bezahlen, für das #49EuroTicket braucht es eine Schufa-Auskunft?

If you’re looking for a new job, including an upgrade, consider becoming a former employee of #Twitter. 😄

This one’s worth it. Trust.

In the interest of science and community, let me break this down for you:

Heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat a building. Period. They move energy from one place to another at a rate four times what they consume, sometimes more. Many of them can move heat in both directions, meaning they can also provide cooling. That's a fun little bonus which you may or may not choose to use, but I will say that given long-term implications of climate change, you might want that handy.

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Here's a fun observation:

I've run into several European Mastodon folks who lead me to believe an interesting barrier to adoption of heat pumps over there will be previously long-held beliefs that air conditioning is a horribly wasteful American thing, and getting a heat pump is a slippery slope to making air conditioning mainstream

Mich interessiert wieviele Veganner*innen (oder diejenigen die versuchen vegan zu leben) es im #fediverse so gibt? #Boost ist wirklich wichtig wegen der Verbreitung.

#veganlife #vegetarism

An alle, die sich Sorgen um das Kunstwerk gemacht haben: So sieht es heute aus.

An alle, die sich Sorgen um unsere Lebensgrundlagen machen:
Schließt euch dem zivilen Widerstand an.

Um 1960 wurde im belgischen Gent die Nederschelde zwischen Geeraerd Duivelsteen und Veermankaai für den Bau von Parkplätzen verfüllt. Zwischen 2016 und 2018 wurde der Parkplatz rückgebaut und der Flusslauf wiederhergestellt. Kosten des Rückbaus: 3,5 Millionen Euro.

I found this taped to the door of the geography department at GWU today and it brought me so much joy. A guide to figuring out when a map was made based on features. Zoom in. It’s amazing.

I think I fell in love with @Gradle 's configuration cache. It only saves a few seconds, but this quickly accumulates! Can't wait to see this as a public feature.

TFW you clear a printer jam and find a Lego in it

Node management is hard. My node now is low on inbound liquidity from LOOP. Things can be weird.

In the past 60 days, my node routed 10 BTC towards @walletofsatoshi. That's a lot.

Still sad to have missed #FOSDEM, but all the pictures of packed auditoriums with 5-10% masking were 😰😞

Like, even before COVID we all got con flu so many times. Why wouldn't we deploy technological countermeasures. I don't get it.

I guess people still write security-sensitive software in C, so it makes sense.

Ganz besonders seltsam finde ich ja, dass die Eltern von Kindern keine Klima-#Aktivisten sind.

Es geht nicht um Mehrheiten, schreibt Philipp Ruch, Gründer vom @politicalbeauty, in seinem taz-Essay.


Ich prangere an, dass dieses "MaN dArF eS nIcHt WuRsT nEnNeN" zum Friseurismus bei Herstellern vegetarischer Produkte führt.

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