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World not ready yet to 'switch off' fossil fuels, COP28 host UAE says

This is Delusional, and what is really saying, “We don't care if we destroy the planet, so long as we are the wealthiest people on it when it happens!”

This makes me inexplicably sad. There's precious little you can pick up on long wave in the UK now, but I do like hearing TMS that way.

Palm oil is in nigh on all of those products now, and frankly I'd rather have the waste animal fat. But now we're looking at an alternative market for those waste fats growing, dragging MORE of it out of the food chain and replacing it with MORE palm oil. No part of this makes any ecological sense.

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It's a laudable goal making lots of processed foods vegetarian. Remember the 80s when sometimes biscuits, crackers, all sorts of pastries and the like contained animal fat? That used to drive veggetarians spare. But I've long said that replacing waste animal fat with palm oil is a TERRIBLE idea.

Just saw the sparrowhawk nab a goldfinch off the cherry tree out back. Sad for the goldfinch (even more so as they're such a delight at the bird feeder) and any young it's got. Sparrowhawk probably also has young to feed too though.

Just back from a ride on the road bike, a few little short sprint abouts to test my own legs out and to be sure of how the new tyres are handling. It's AMAZING how as soon as you're on a competent looking bike, British motorists immediately start treating you like shit isn't it?

BSA sport WW2 era paratroopers bike. Lovingly restored, at Kentwell Hall, Through the Ages event today.

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A colleague had her yearly appraisal and her manager asked her to set the goal of "being more diplomatic" and she said no.

She's my hero.

Just worked out that Swavesey is in the Western Hemisphere, in fact the Greenwich Meridian isn't far away at all. So tomorrow afternoon, maybe Sunday morning, I'll be riding to the other side of the world... Or something.

That cup of coffee after fixing a bike, before going back to it to convince yourself it's actually fixed before riding it. That.

The old, old BSA Sport racer (as you'd have called it when this bike was young ) is ready to go.

Yes, it's got 28mm tyres on it because that's what it had when I bought it, I rarely take the road bike off road so I've never particularly considered wider. Think it'll be a bit comfier if just slightly wider though.

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Need new tyres on the road bike. 15mm rims, been riding on the same set of 28mm tyres for ages. Think I might try wider.

Bottling homebrew over the last couple of evenings. 32 bottles of wine. 11 plum, 5 redcurrant, 5 mint and balm, 6 dry watermint, 5 strawberry. All been sitting there for years waiting to be bottled, so they're good and ready. Can't bottle any more, the wine rack is now full.

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Why springtails are the best
"Springtails, officially known as Collembola, are a small and incredibly common invertebrate and a big part of the soil mesofauna, worldwide. They’re objectively and categorically way better than horses, tigers, dogs, bush babies, koalas and hedgehogs. In fact, they are better than any other animal I can think of. They are hands down the best animal in the world. Fact"

A potential antidote to death cap mushroom toxin found. But it looks like you've got to be very quick getting it to someone so it's not THAT likely to save lives. But a big finding.

"...our traditional idea of what constitutes that – chips, crisps, fizzy drinks – needs adjusting. It should include all supermarket bread; likewise breakfast cereal; packaged snacks, reconstituted meat products and frozen meals."

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