Tory Lord Greenhouse is having a car crash time on defending Johnson .

There's lots of accounts here, you don't have to tell people to change to your liking, you can just go find the accounts you like.

Johnson is showing a hat-trick of contempt - contempt for Privileges Committee, contempt for Parliament & contempt for the public, who sacrificed so much. He is a man who has done untold damage to our democracy - if this damage is not to be permanent, he must be held to account


While they’ve been confirming what we all know, that Johnson is an inveterate liar, Sunak picks today to ‘release’ his tax returns, such as they are. Turns out he’s paid far more US tax than U.K. how interesting that our current Prime Minister is a practicing tax avoider.

Rishi Sunak has decided that today is a good day to bury bad news.

He's published his tax returns while this Privileges Committee meeting is ongoing.

Johnson's defense is that parties to motivate staff were critically necessary gatherings but holding the hand of a dying loved one was not.

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REMINDER: The ONLY person who said Donald Trump was getting charged this week was SERIAL LIAR/CON MAN Donald Trump. That is why people thought it was happening. It's far better Manhattan DA get the case right so there's a conviction then rush this.

Johanna Saunders writes:

"1930s Germany was all about rhetoric, ideology, othering, removal of rights, intimidation, propaganda and finger pointing which focussed on minorities/disabled /religion/sexual orientation etc.
War itself (1939) and the horror that followed (Wannsee / Holocaust 1942 etc) came later.

it’s about preventing future Holocausts from happening, and if the language you use is reminiscent to language used before the Holocaust, then it’s a moral duty to point it out."

When would be a good time? Seriously.

Really happy to share this first piece of campaign work done with the incredible people at
Better Streets.
Have a look at what they're doing to make things better for those in NSW + Australia.

LTNs don't only halve roads injuries, halve traffic movements, deliver air quality improvements, reduce car ownership, and reduce street crime.

LTNs also separate political leaders from political followers.

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Jon is absolutely right on this: LTNs are a litmus test for commitment on climate and political courage to take the action the evidence demands to fulfil climate promises. People who run for the hills when motorists kick off simply shouldn’t be councillors in a climate emergency

America has Ignored @GOP Crimes to Seize the #WhiteHouse Long Enough — It’s Time to Put this One in Prison

Imagine how scary it would be if we couldn't explain the rise in global temperatures, sea level, frequency of heatwaves, droughts, floods, wildfires, and species extinction rates.

The fact that we know it's fossil fuel CO₂ emissions but fail to take more action is criminal.

If you ever feel useless and unproductive, always remember that a whole generation of world leaders will one day go down in history as a gang of complete failures because, against their better judgment, they did NOTHING about the climate crisis.

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