As a newbie motorcyclist, I wanted to check out the DDR Motorrad Museum. Interesting collection of old bikes, which could be a more readily accessible form of transport in the east, where cars were hard to get hold of. Nobody else was there, though, and there was only one member of staff on the entrance desk. Would have been nice to chat to someone and learn a bit more about the bikes. #motorbike #motorcycle

Hey folks! 👋​

I'm here to #ActOnClimate, especially on decarbonizing #Transportation and buildings.

Follow me for anecdotes about living as a #CarLite family in the suburbs with our two #eBikes.

I like to talk about...

Tomorrow’s UCI CycloCross World Cup from Hulst starts earlier than usual.

Elite Women at 11.00 CET
Elite Men at 12.15 CET

#Veldrijden #CXWorldCup #Hulst #Cycling #BikeTooter #VeloPhants #CycloCross #UCI

This was needed today. The coffee that is. 50 odd KM’s and a brutal head wind at Loch Leven. #gravelriding #cycling

isn't particularly photogenic this time of year and the sun is way low in the sky. 30 miles out in the tho.

Pidcock wins men's race at X2O Trofee Kortrijk

World Champion crosses the line with solo victory as Van der Haar takes second place in two-up sprint against Iserbyt

Diagram: The rules of the road - 'cyclists don't obey them'

This one is from my book 'From A to B'. Find out more, or get cartoons emailed to you, or investigate joining my Diagram Club, here:

#Cycling #ActiveTravel #BikeTooter #Cartoon #Diagram

I'm not a "cyclist", i just don't need a ton of steel to move me around.


It's not like cargo bikes are a new thing. Always a sensible and highly efficient choice to move goods around a city. We're going full circle


@classicretro Thanks for the follow! I love what you are posting here, nicely done. You can see and read about all of my #cycling #art at and see the rest of the #artwork I #create at I will be #painting the #TourDwonUnder next. #cyclisme #ciclismo #wielrennen

He is one of the greatest cyclocross riders in history, Renato Longo, born in 1937 from Vittorio Veneto, has won the world championship 5 times and the national one 12.

He starts cycling because the building where he works, is a baker in Milan and will continue to do so throughout his life, is owned by a certain Tano Belloni, former winner of Sanremo, Giro and Lombardia.

Belloni will give Longo a ticket for the velodrome from there his story will begin .

#cycling #cyclingclassic #cyclocross

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Here's a fun short story of a Thanksgiving Day bicycle race in New Orleans in 1887 brought to you by Lacar Musgrove and the New Orleans Historical.

#Cycling #Cyclinghistory #Histodons #sporthistory

It's #BuyNothingDay. Some people call this #BlackFriday.

Either way, we're celebrating this by trying not to buy anything ourselves and asking you to not buy anything that you don't actually need, perhaps nothing at all today if you can help it.

Bicycles are an inexpensive and small footprint mode of transport, especially if we avoid buying things that we don't need and if we keep our old bikes going for as long as possible instead of buying new bikes.

If you do need quality bicycle components, they can be found tomorrow on our website at the same reasonable prices as today and every other day of the year, without any fake "discounts" or "special offers" designed to encourage you to part with money to buy things you don't need at all.

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