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It's time for a new as I've just moved to a new server. Yes, a bike-focused server at last!

I'm a Japanese living in Seattle, WA, married with a 2-year-old daughter. I write commercial database software for a living. Ironically, I'm a big fan of FOSS. GNU/Linux FTW.

In my free time (like I have any), I volunteer for a local advocacy group, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, to advocate for safe streets for everyone based on the Vision Zero principle.

Nice to meet you, everyone.

@BrentToderian John sent this to me a little while ago because in March 2022 I started going for walks every day. Whether it’s 20 minutes or 2 hours, it has helped me immensely, both physically and mentally. I also post my daily walk photos online to show off Vancouver while I’m out there. We’ve been car-free since 2014 so being healthy enough to go on longer walks now really helps. Also business-wise, it did totally help my productivity.

Elon Musk is Still Silencing the Journalists he Banned from Twitter.

It looks like our accounts have been reinstated, but it's an illusion: We're actually locked out and can't post anything without deleting specific tweets the billionaire doesn't like.

This latest article embeds a Mastodon post and links to posts by @drewharwell @MattBinder @w7voa and @tony

I see Uchida's point, but comparing orchestra conductors to heart surgeons is, IMO, not a good analogy. I certainly don't want to be operated on by a 95-year-old medical doctor.

My Tokyo #craftbeer friend, Nicole, visited Seattle recently and brought me this delicious West Coast #IPA from #InkhornBrewing in the Mejiro neighborhood of Tokyo. Kampai! 🍻 #かんぱい #ビール #おみやげ #beer

By the way, @mozilla isn't the first web browser business to host their own instance.

@Vivaldi created Vivaldi Social a few weeks ago. You can use their instance right now, and it's already set up by default in their browser.

So now the dominoes are starting to fall. It's more than feasible that every browser will host their own instance.

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@mozilla just announced they are joining the #fediverse :fediverse:

"In early 2023, Mozilla will stand up and test a publicly accessible instance in the Fediverse at Mozilla.Social"

they will start with Mastodon, but are "looking forward to working on the challenges that crosscut the Fediverse" #FediNews

#HB1054 would prohibit HOAs and condo associations from limiting the number of unrelated persons who live in a single housing unit.

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Hi to my new neighbors and migrated followers from my old account

I’m Bruce, I moved to Seattle in 1989 and have lived around here most of the time since then

I’m retired from several careers and spend most of my free time hanging out with my wife, walking *long* distances in Seattle and Eastside, doing crosswords, drinking craft beer, reading KCLS library books, visiting friends in Japan, and cheering on Seattle Mariners & Memphis Grizzlies

I realize that a lot of news outlets, including my favourite @urbanistorg, reference Twitter posts in their toots. As much as I support them, I will not boost those posts. I have zero interest in promoting Twitter in any way.

Getting a lot of notifications from King County Metro about their routes not operating, presumably due to the snow condition. It makes me worry about people who rely on Metro buses to travel.

BIG NEWS: New York Mayor #EricAdams has announced a “reimagining of Fifth Avenue — from Bryant Park at 42nd Street to Central Park at 59th Street — as a safer, less congested, pedestrian-centered boulevard that also prioritizes cyclists, mass transit, & the public realm.”

This is one I’ll be watching!

#NYC #NewYork #NewYorkCity #urbanism #cities #StreetsForPeople #cities #city

Washington Governor Jay Inslee released his proposed two-year budget last week with housing and services for people experiencing homelessness being a very big part of it. Ryan Packer reports on the governor’s housing and homelessness proposals.


If a state highway is not designed for you and you use it in the "wrong" way, not only are you seriously hurt but you're also charged with a crime. The time to end "jaywalking" laws is long past.

Traffic Violence Rapid Response is full of dedicated, energized folks committed to making our streets a safer place to walk, roll, bike, take transit and drive!

We will have a website to follow soon. Join us here and on IG to learn about our upcoming work in 2023!


From the Seattle Indian Health Board

Day and night shelters in the Pioneer Square Area

Info valid thru Dec 22

#Seattle #Health #Cold

Poll: Should I step down as head of Mastodon?

Just kidding, there is no such thing.

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