I have to say, I can really relate to the latest episode of the Mandalorian — it’s a pain when a really productive city planning meeting is interrupted by space pirates.

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I had a great time working on this collab with Foreign Man in a Foreign Land.

Be sure to check out his video about the history of urban planning in the Bahamas:


New video of The Strand pedestrianisation.

Alt text: Video from a cyclist's point of view travels from a road into a pedestrianised street with planting and seating. A large church is on the right and academic buildings to the left. A large square then opens up with more seating and planting with buildings both sides.


OK, language weirdness question.

Someone recently said:

"I just about caught the train."

Did they catch it or not? Perhaps it depends whether you think of English as (one of) your first language(s).

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The main thing that makes it hard to have nature and green in cities isn’t density of buildings or density of people — it's density of CARS. And the better you’ve designed the density of people and buildings, with real multi-modal choices, the fewer cars you need.

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Posted this on the bird site yday.
NCN7 from Consett to Washington has some amazing public art. The JCB cows are quite spooky when it's misty and half light.

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We now have all the #Bylines publications on Mastodon.

Well - all except East Anglia Bylines! Don't worry, I'm on their case.

I think the progressive citizen journalism Bylines and federated community of Mastodon are a natural fit - so I'll be doing more to build them up in this place.

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In case I need to explain it - that simply means that, if you've not yet visited WillCycle.com, then you're missing out on what 1000s of other people enjoy.
Spend some time, follow the links from the home page - there's LOTS of info!

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Winter is a time to plan adventures for the summer! If you're even just thinking of perhaps going cycle touring, I have a LOT of resources to help answer questions you may have.
All YOU have to do is go read them: willcycle.com/2022/01/27/the-b

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But back to the lighting.
There are three types of safety important when considering cycle-provision:

1. Actual safety - How many km you can expect to travel before you're injured on your bike.

2. Subjective safety (sometimes called "perceived" safety) - Are you near fast moving traffic ? Is it easy to make a turn across traffic ? Do you have to cycle "fast" in order to keep up ?

3. Social safety - Is there a mugger around that blind corner ? Will I be attacked in the street if I cycle ?

The latter is the reason why it's important that tunnels have lights. The main reason why this older tunnel falls short of modern standards is because you can't see out of it before you enter. While the curve is quite gentle, while the tunnel is well-used at all times of day and night, and while Assen is a very safe place, people could still feel that just perhaps there's someone hiding down there.

There's more on the three types of safety in this article:

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With Twitter's new boss breaking the system, more and more people are switching to Mastodon. Here is a list of great urbanists who have already moved to Mastodon. Do you have any suggestions? Please let me know here and I'll add to the list.


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