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Oh, it looks like the Cabinet Office is actually going through with a legal challenge to the Covid Inquiry.

This is exciting.

Who wins this early contest really matters for the course of the entire Inquiry.

The outcome could be hugely significant.

And, of course, inquiries law should not be exciting, especially regarding public health.

Inquiries law should be dull.


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Just back from a ride on the road bike, a few little short sprint abouts to test my own legs out and to be sure of how the new tyres are handling. It's AMAZING how as soon as you're on a competent looking bike, British motorists immediately start treating you like shit isn't it?

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The “Freedom” Caucus seems upset today about the budget deal. I suppose any compromise would get their panties in a bunch. But watching them go apoplectic over a reasonable one is really something to behold.

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Haven't we adequately demonstrated now that people cannot be trusted to drive cars around cities anymore.

Or anywhere for that matter!

I've been driving for years but I'm so sick of dealing with people in cars who don't give a shit about anybody else I think we just need to ban cars now.

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Erm... go home Strava... you're drunk.. or I am, one of us is !! XD

Not bad for me not actually moving. Can obviously still get exercise without getting off the chair ;)

(It's satellite error and tracking discrepancies.. I know ;p )

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A man came on here and mansplained how women's cycling works and how British Cycling haven't actually changed much blah blah blah.

Fuck off. I literally am a female cyclist who has raced until BC changed the rules and excluded people.

I wish these people would stop finding it necessary to try to prove how clever they are and instead listen to people affected.

That's all really.

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All the discussion I've seen around Braverman's speeding could hardly make it more clear that most people don't view motor crime as crime

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Those of us wanting Braverman to resign should be careful about getting what we ask for.

An actually competent replacement as a hardline Home Secretary is a worrying prospect.

Braverman's cavalier approach to her job means she should go.


Oh, but.

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Surprise surprise! The government removed VAT on sanitary products - and none of the savings were passed on to consumers. So instead of the money going to fund public services, it's gone straight to the supermarkets' bottom line.


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One full #BART train moves 1500 people. If those riders drove instead, the line of cars would be 6 miles long.

And think about how much parking they would need.

Mobility in cities is about space.

Great ads on trains and along highways. HT @RebeccaForBART

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New #Ontario survey data finds that 22% of Ontarians cycle almost daily.

Of these frequent cyclists, 33% cycle for running errands, 34% to visit friends, while only 20% commute by bike. Ignoring non-commute transportation misses a big part of the story!


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Been waiting 2.5 hrs for a #NHS 111 clinician callback whilst my other half is in agony.

Why? Because they're understaffed and under resourced.

Why? Because cunts keep voting for the Tories.

There's an election next year, fuck you in advance if you vote against your own interest by crossing the box in favour of a bunch of incompetent, fund cutting pricks

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Viewpoint: New e-bike changed my life in two weeks

I had been walking to work, but my bad knees hurt when I did, and it took about 12 minutes. Now, I get to work with no knee pain in less than three minutes. I have made trips to the grocery store and filled up my saddle bags with groceries. I recently rode my e-bike to a doctor’s appointment. I have decided to use my e-bike for all types of errands, barring inclement weather.

#EV #Cycling


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9 May 1939 | A Dutch Jewish boy, Marcel Jacobs, was born in Enschede.

He was deported to Auschwitz in February 1943 with his mother Rika and his 7-year-old sister Marlene. They were all murdered in a gas chamber after the arrival selection.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts

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UK politics 

When Tories tell you they're the party of fiscal responsibility, laugh. Rishi Sunak uses a helicopter for trip to Southampton, taxpayer funded, which would have taken just over an hour by train. The train journey would have cost thirty quid. theguardian.com/politics/2023/

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8 May 1896 | Stanisława Leszczyńska was born - a Polish midwife, prisoner of #Auschwitz no. 41335.

At the female infirmary in Birkenau she received childbirths trying to save women in labour & refusing to kill newborns.

At least 700 children were born in Auschwitz.

She passed away in 1974.


📖 The tragic fate of pregnant women and children born in the camp: auschwitz.org/en/bookstoreprod

Fate of children at Auschwitz.

Online course: lekcja.auschwitz.org/dzieci_EN
Podcast: anchor.fm/auschwitz-memorial/e

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