Just putting the finishing touches on the best road bike helmets buyers guide. So much work!

I don't get why Kristen Faulkner would risk anything for a Glucose monitor. They aren't even that helpful.

The POC Omne Ultra is a helmet with patches and velcro to make it a gravel helmet. Some people are going to hate that idea but I love that POC is willing to just embrace style mattering.

Surprise, turns out I can't hold the wheel of a pro cyclist almost 20 years younger than me. I know how to dress for the cold though: cyclingnews.com/reviews/pas-no

Anyone know how to find historic (last year) wind direction and speed for a particular area and date range?

Just read a story about a family returning a cat to a shelter because it wanted to sleep in bed with their daughter and would ask for pets during the work day. Imagine being a family that toxic!

I love this Rapha jacket even though it's not the best. Don't take yourself too seriously, be willing to wear high-viz pink and mark yourself as that kind of cyclist.

Selling a lens and I have it priced appropriately for a first gen plus it never says it's a second gen. The number of messages I've gotten asking if it's 1st or 2nd gen is mind boggling. Sure dude, it's a unicorn that's half off and not tagged 2nd gen but secretly is. You are the only one to figure out the puzzle.

A good reminder of the types of fun. Almost everything I engage in tends to be type II. rei.com/blog/climb/fun-scale

After a lifetime with Canon cameras, I want to jump to Nikon. Anyone have a Nikon Z6 and wish they had the fully articulating screen of the Eos RP? Let's make a deal.

I don't want to do intervals today!!!

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The Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus is a massive indoor riding upgrade trib.al/Ao35Goi

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Spent some time riding in the recent atmospheric river in Northern CA. Got a cool picture though!

I feel totally certain that the kiddos red eyed tree frog is going to die and there's nothing I can do about it. They look awful and I can't fix it. 😥

Don't tell anyone, I'm wearing spd boots and the shoe covers are mostly for show.

Halfway to the airport and I'm realizing I forgot a bag to go on the bike. Just sharing these riveting updates as they come!

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