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Actual subject line of an email I just got.

"CBS ArcSafe® RSK-PMT Remote Switch Kit for Pad-Mounted Transformers Named EC&M Product of the Year Category Winner"

How did I get on this particular mailing list?

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To ensure cars didn’t take back control of Paris streets as the pandemic was “ending,” (like they have in so many cities), #Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo made sure that 60k parking spaces and many streets were permanently transformed to seating for restaurants, people places and bike-lanes.

#cities #cars #streets #restaurants #urbanism

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If you'd like to support the Electric Bicycle Incentive Kickstart for the Environment (E-BIKE) Act, which would provide a refundable tax credit for up to 30% of the cost (up to $1,500) of a new #ebike, fill out this form from @peopleforbikes

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One of the most successful pedestrian streets in the world, the Strøget in Copenhagen, was filled with cars until a 2 year pilot project in 1962. The opposition at the time argued “no cars means no business,” but the street has been a massive retail success, the city’s busiest shopping street.

#cities #Copenhagen #cars #streets #denmark

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RT @fmanjoo
every year we have the debate about banning/making permanent DST, but it’s getting us nowhere.

We should at least start with an obvious fix:

Change clocks on Friday night. And Monday of time change weekend should be a holiday. That way you get two days of adjustment at least.

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Remember this picture every single time you hear someone in your city say "we're not Amsterdam."

This was #Amsterdam in the 1970s, via @fietsprofessor.

The cities we admire made better choices regarding cars, and are still making them today.

Better choices instead of excuses.

#cities #cars #bikes #Holland #Dutch #city

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Successful cities of the future build on what worked in the past.

Brilliant issue of #CARGOBIKE CULTURE features Old Cargobikes New Cargobikes & Tiny Cargo-scooters

#BikeTooter #cities #freight #transportation

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Microsoft released copilot in Excel, and it is officially caught up with Google on the AI race.

Fantastic to watch.

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In America, Twitter regularly served me Dodge ads. Now that I'm in London, I'm being encouraged to take a train to Wales and refer complaints about social housing to my local ombudsman.

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Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) endorsed changes to his own Dodd-Frank law in 2018 that freed mid-sized banks from undergoing stress tests. He sits on Signature Bank's board, which just collapsed.

I reached him via phone tonight and he declined to comment

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"The report makes clear that simply replacing gasoline with batteries won’t be enough: cities must also dramatically curtail the use of automobiles and avoid 'locking in' future emissions by building more car-dependent infrastructure." Via @Streetsblog

#cities #EV #MultiModal #cars #EVs #Climate

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STUDY: Researchers found almost all road users broke the law, but while motorists mostly broke road rules to save time, the most common reason for people on bikes to break road rules was personal safety. And yet bike-riders get more scorn & scrutiny for the rule-breaking, despite motor vehicles literally being the source of the danger. V/

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For years, Tesla and its supporters have waved away detailed investigations tying Autopilot's design to multiple deaths, claiming that the safety benefits outweighed them.

Now, finally, we have published academic work proving that Autopilot has no safety benefits, when you adjust the numbers for road type and driver age. In fact crashes appear to be 11% higher with Autopilot!

Huge thanks to Noah Goodall of the Virginia Transportation Research Council for this work!

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“School streets” programs have been growing in many countries. These Open Streets programs are designed to provide safe spaces for children to engage in healthier mobility and physical activity, such as walking or biking, by temporarily closing streets near schools to car traffic.

The benefits to kids, to everyone, are well documented.

#OpenStreets #cars #cities #streets #schools

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Cycling is now the single largest mode of travel during peak times in the City of London, according to a new report.

Cyclists represent 40% of traffic during peak hours and 27% of traffic throughout the day.

Since 1999, the number of motorists has dropped 64% and the number of cyclists has increased 386%.

#Urbanism #UrbanDesign #ClimateChange #Cycling #BikeTooter #UK #London #Mobility #Transportation

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@dx I have occasionally made a case for transit fares to be negative - people get paid for riding - on the basis of avoiding the cost of increasing road capacity. This is the same justification for the Golden Gate Bridge District's huge subsidies of buses and ferries. But they just can't bring themselves to zero out the fare as well, let alone make it negative.

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Born on this day, February 27:
André Leducq, pro cyclist (1904-1980), shown here filling his water bottles during the 1928 Tour de France.
Happy #BicycleBirthday, André!

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