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GenX woman; sarcasm is my first language

Working remotely while caring for my elderly father and 2 adult sons with autism

Grew up in Michigan and ended up in Florida

I love music and reading and podcasts and Lego and cycling. And chocolate.

:wallaroo_app: Decorate your devices for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference with these FREE wallpapers inspired by the limited edition lapel pins available to attendees. We can't wait to see what Apple has in store for all of us! 😎 #WWDC #WWDC2023 #wallpapers

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Got off my call with Reddit just now about the API. Bad news unless I come up with 20 million dollars. Appreciate boosts.

Here's some HTML trivia. 🫣

Today I learned that Safari supports a `passwordrules` HTML attribute to configure its native password manager.


I am sick to death of the fact that, as a minority and a woman, I am required to work much harder than a white co-worker who would just as soon get rid of me rather than treat me as an equal.

Nails on a chalkboard don't bother me.

But fingers sliding along metal guitar strings do.

Your mid-week #HighwayCode refresher is here 🙌

Remember, people crossing, waiting to cross or cycling straight ahead have priority at junctions.

Check the latest #HighwayCode changes here:

It's been a long time since I blogged, but posting about long covid seems valuable.

TL;DR - this isn't over, despite what governments are telling you.

I really hope #Apple adds a clipboard manager into iOS. Even if it’s basic only stored 10 recent copies, could be viewed in a list and copied out to somewhere else. Even that would be more useful than currently.

I have become a huge fan of the iOS feature that lets you take a photo of a plant or animal, tap an Info button, then learn what that plant or animal is.

Not only great for identifying the flora and fauna around you, but handy for gardeners who mix kitchen compost into their soil.

Today’s discovery: Taters growing among the maters.

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It doesn't make you more worthy, it just means you're tired.

:wallaroo_app: Recapture the thrill of NASA’s early days as a Project Mercury space capsule orbits high above the Earth. Created by artist @piraino and inspired by the 1962 postal stamp commemorating John Glenn's successful Mercury mission. #wallpaper #NASA #Space

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Our CDD has deemed it necessary to clean all the sidewalks and driveway aprons with bleach. Such a waste of resources. 🤬

Did you get Covid?

Please boost for greater reach.

Doesn’t Ted Lasso get hot always wearing his puffer jacket?

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