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1/x Starting a thread for the . I cleaned frame, fork and wheels. Spot the details of the parts. I'll come back later for these.

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My biggest asset? I Never stopped being a child.

I like the purple blueish color of the Trek 820. Since just one kid will ride this, no fancy sand blasting and powder coating. Just a layer of Marine for protecting rust and partially replacing the worn clear coat.

About two hours ago ran out of metadata space. I had to delet old snapshots and let the btrfs-cleaner do it's job. Unfortunately after such events it takes some time to finish working on all queues. Next week the move to the more powerful machine will be done.

It's amazing what a little rainbow background behind your project's logo as the discord server icon during June can do in filtering out the toxic parts of your community. 🌈

Unsere Ausstellung "Hamburger Fahrradmarken" ist eröffnet. Morgen und Sonntag von jeweils 10 bis 18 Uhr kann sie kostenlos besichtigt werden.

#AltonaerBicycleDays #Altona ##HistorischeFahrräder

The #Bible has been removed from libraries in Utah after a parent used a new law that permits the removal of "pornographic".

The parent argued that the Bible contained topics such as incest, bestiality, genital mutilation, and infanticide, making it pornographic under the new definition set forth in Utah Code Ann. § 76-10-1227.

A GOP lawmaker expressed "sadness" regarding the situation.

#BookBans #USA

Hey #Fahrradbubble, auf Grund von Knieproblemen muss ich mein HP Velotechnik Gekko fx 20 verkaufen.
Es ist praktisch unbenutzt, hat ne Lichtanlage, Gepaecktraeger, Seitenspiegel und Kopfstuetze.
Standort ist Berlin.

Please do your Magick...


About ten years ago, the IT building for a local highschool burned to the ground.

My company donated a spare Juniper EX3200 switch to help get them back online. They had erected a small structure without any insulation, and left the switch inside unpowered for a day while the fiber splicers got them hooked back up.

They started the switch, and it immediately shutdown. They looked a gift horse in the mouth and bitched to us that our donation was garbage.

I was dispatched to assist. I connected to the serial console and powered the device up. It immediately indicated that the CPU temperature was 252 C, and shut itself down.

It was January, the outside temperature was -3 C. The Juniper device was storing temperature as an 8-bit unsigned integer value. It got so cold, it thought it was on fire.

Can't say I ever expected to use a heat gun to get a switch to start before that day. Got it warm enough to power on, and then it kept itself plenty warm to continue operating.

Data types matter, yo.

Spent the afternoon shopping at Syntrend and Guang Hua Digital plaza, a quite concentrated area of electronics shops.
Got stuff for the kids.

But this may also be the day I switch to paperless: I got myself the Onyx book note air 2 plus, which I plan to use for note taking.

Played shortly with it tonight after dinner, I'm loving it already. First real test will be a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

Analog gauges with eink backgrounds are a fucking banger and I need 16 of them

These 10 books are the most banned books at the moment.

1. "The 1619 Project: Born on the Water" - Nikole Hannah-Jones and Renée Watson
2. "All Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto" - George M. Johnson
3. "And Tango Makes Three" - Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell
4. "The Bluest Eye" - Toni Morrison
5. "Gender Queer: A Memoir" - Maia Kobabe
6. "The Hill We Climb" - Amanda Gorman
7. "I Am Jazz" - Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings
8. "Looking for Alaska" - John Green
9. "Maus" - Art Spiegelman
10. "Out of Darkness" - Ashley Hope Pérez

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Auf welchen Schaltgruppenhersteller setzt ihr hauptsächlich? @fedibikes_de

Weite Teile von #Leipzig sind am Wochenende #Kontrollbereich. Hier darf die Polizei u. a. willkürlich Personenkontrollen durchführen.

Anlass sind angekündigte Demonstrationen und potenzielle Ausschreitungen im Zusammenhang mit dem heutigen Urteil im Prozess um #LinaE.

Den Jahrestag des Brandanschlags von Rechtsextremisten auf eine türkische Familie am 29. Mai nutzte der sächsische Ministerpräsident Michael #Kretschmer, um eine Grundgesetzänderung in Sachen #Asyl zu fordern.

Pfarrer Christian Wolff findet das geistlos, herzlos und würdelos.

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