1/x Starting a thread for the . I cleaned frame, fork and wheels. Spot the details of the parts. I'll come back later for these.

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2/x A dream? Not so much. Muirwoods were hardly anyones dreams in the 1990s. You dreamt of Team Marin or Team Issue and you might have gotten a Bear Valley or a Muirwoods. With this background it is a nice detail that the 1997 Muirwoods actually had a similar frame as the Pine Mountain.

3/x The first pic looks good? Details reveal: The frame and fork (made by Spinner) wear lots of scars. I'll keep them. So, no, not a dream build but rather a low budget, albeit total fun build. Be prepared so see my winter rat get alive!

4/x Rebuilding an old cheap bike is much more work than building an expensive new bike from scratch. You have to clean each part even before being able to decide whether it's possible to keep them. You have to start trueing wheels before deciding to lace new rims. Today I did the wheels and everything worked well. Pics tomorrow.

@mattias Ich hatte ein "Rocky Ridge" und ein "Team Marin".

Und zum Biken kam ich, weil ich mich in das "Indian Fire Trail" verknallt hab!

@mattias wait, something's off. It's not a GT, where's the triple triangle?

@carlosfroh “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein

@carlosfroh “GTs are nice, but Marins for free are nice as well!”
― Mattias Schlenker

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