I am so mad at myself. Was at Aldi in the central station today to buy an USB HDD since my wife has lost her backup hard drive. (The squirrel thing, she just found a good place to hide it and does not know where.)

As every sunday the queues were present but in the 5-10min range. Three persons before me a woman from Moldova or Romania (I cannot distinguish the dialect) with three kids bought bananas and some hygiene stuff.

She was low on money having to search for cents to pay. 1/

So it hit her hard that she did not find the Tomra. And the cashier was not willing to take a few bottles, so she tried to skip the queue after she was told the right coordinates of the Tomra. Remember: Three small kids.

In the meanwhile the cashier had been searching for my HDD (my wife's to be precise) but the woman was there before the cashier arrived, so I asked to payout the deposit (less than two €s) before I'd pay the HDD. 2/

At this moment the guy next in queue started complaining and mentioned she should queue again. I asked back if I should also queue again since my tasks also could not be fulfilled in the first step. Of course he insisted that my cause (effectively blocking the queue for five minutes) was OK, 30s for paying out 1,5€ deposit was not.

So I called him racist. He then started ranting at Swabians. So I called him double racist... 3/


At this point I just should have given the woman from Moldova/Romania 2€ taking the deposit receipt.

Instead the cashier (she was really pissed off of everything) first let me pay the HDD (extra slowly), then paid out the deposit (extra slowly) and then processed the shopping of this racist idiot (extra extra extra slowly needing four attempts to scan the barcode of each item). 4/4

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