We have a fitness challenge at the company and it is escalating a bit... (I think I am third or fourth)

@mattias Assuming some seasonality, that would be >10 000km/year which is crazy.

@jnbhlr I did not know that I was capable of doing around 40–50km as morning ride and 30–40km as evening ride each day. Constantly for nearly two regular work weeks. For tomorrow, I took off to try a longer ride.

@mattias at a conference a speaker introduced himself as an endurance road cyclist. I'm itching a bit now, currently I'm mostly training for strength.

@jnbhlr Yesterday I took off to ride from Leipzig to Munich Close to the shortest path (ended up at 462km). I started at 4:00 yesterday and arrived today at 14:00 just in time for the release party. I totally underestimated the impact of 3700m altitude gain.

I'll post some pictures and details and findings the next days in my blog.

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