3/x The first pic looks good? Details reveal: The frame and fork (made by Spinner) wear lots of scars. I'll keep them. So, no, not a dream build but rather a low budget, albeit total fun build. Be prepared so see my winter rat get alive!

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1/x Starting a thread for the . I cleaned frame, fork and wheels. Spot the details of the parts. I'll come back later for these.

GFB Catering ist giving away lanyards to elementary school kids. Can you spot the problem?

Die Entrümpler waren wieder entrümpeln, das landet sonst im Stahlschrott – Braucht das jemand? MIFA Sportrad (622er und 5-Gang Kettenschaltung).

A 1997 Marin Muirwoods just found it's way to me… My size!

2/ Check which apps you allowed access. Some of these apps will be either hacked or sold to malicious companies. Imagine access to an app with dozens of millions of followers to endorse some crypto or stock market scam in seemingly legit tweets? Your account could be one of them…

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@Felicea , schau mal. Dieser -Artikel ist vor allem schlecht übersetzt. Viele Redaktionen sind angewiesen, Artikel von der englischsprachigen Primärpublikation zu übernehmen. Wenn dann eine Nicht-Fachperson übersetzt… Alder Vadder! vogue.de/lifestyle/artikel/adh

A nice bike in my hood: MY 1989 Longus. The Deore II labelling was just used for one model year. 1990 the Mountain LX joined Deore as Deore LX and Deore II was rebranded Deore DX.

Some insights: This is monitoring PostgreSQL databases with – I just found the plugin is not explained in our official manual. Since I am working in exact the team responsible for a complete documentation, I should probably create a ticket and close the gap in the next months. Would also be a good reason to start a blog article for the marketing crowds on "How to monitor your Mastodon instance with Checkmk" – complete with checks on usage and users development.


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