Endlich Demokratie, Meinungsfreiheit, ein funktionierendes Gesundheitssystem, kaum Korruption und viel weniger Regen!

And I did order a BM40 47 key keyboard to accompany the "new" Dell tablet. This time with Brown Pro v2 pre-lubed switches. These are well invested 5ct markup compared to regular switches.

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Update on the state of the keyboard. First day of real use done. I can touch type on now. So happy! () I did remap some keys though. Caps lock moved to upper right corner and is only used as modifier. Backspace and Esc (vim!) moved one row lower.

Yay, the replacement for the 12yr old x220 is a 3yr old Dell Tablet (5290 with i5). Keyboard will eventually be a 40% keyboard with mouse emulation in one layer.

Why did no over point me on this thing? "Get a proper programmable keyboard, try ortholinear, try keycaps with lower steps between rows!"

These plus separating the left and the right hand panels:

(Yes, it is configured ISO, but I am practising Dvorak and I'll reconfigure part by part as blank keycaps arrive.)

(I am surely not the first person with using a keyboard.)

Six years ago (Q1, 2017) I bought a really cheap dual boot / tablet. The Chuwi Hi 8. It never got updated beyond Android 5.1.1 and Android on Atom never got refined. At some time, even updating Windows 8.1 failed due to missing disk space.

So I put it aside for a few months until curiosity struck again and I decided to repartition, remove Android and try to update to Windows 10. This probably was around 20H1 when it was announced that 32 Bit Windows would cease to exist. 1/

"Um das Design des Venatus Coupé Evo C möglichst harmonisch an die bestehenden Designelemente des Venatus Evo S anzupassen, wurde der Zweitürer im Bereich der Seitenwände deutlich verbreitert." Harmonisch:

Transcoding for the MP3 player works now. Thanks for everyone helping.

I am not sure if I want to completely like the idea of the sunflower lanyard. For people who are |s or have , just being given more time to process sensory input and to get orientation would be fine.

However I fear in many situations people who try to be kind and supportive create more stress because the ask if they can help. So one would need to provide context.

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