If you’re setting up your own fediverse presence at your own domain, don’t make the same mistake I did and call it mastodon.my.domain. Give it a generic name like social.my.domain, activity.my.domain, fedi.my.domain or something similar. You don’t want to tie an endpoint for an open protocol to a single implementation or perpetuate the myth that #Mastodon is the #fediverse.

(Yes, you can migrate to a different subdomain later but it’s not a one-click process.)

#fediTips #instance #admin

Portugal ist zu Europas größtem Fahrradhersteller aufgestiegen. Auch andere Branchen interessieren sich zunehmend für Produktion in dem Land - zumal Lieferungen aus Asien weiterhin stocken. Von Sebastian Kisters.
Produktion in Europa: "Made in Portugal" boomt

Happy #BicycleBirthday to Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000), creator of the Peanuts comic strip.

In the 1970s Schulz introduced the character Rerun, who offered wry observations from the back of his mother's bicycle.

#botd November 26, 1922

Cricut cutting machines, ubiquitous in schools, libraries and makerspaces, can be used to make embossed or stenciled tactile graphics. A Braille embosser costs at least $1500 — Cricuts cost a fifth of that or less. Today I learned that I can handle the hardware and make great stencils: all that holds a Blind maker back is a set of unlabeled controls in the software. Does anyone know somebody at Cricut I could talk to about making the interface more accessible? Boosters beloved on this one!

Please don't recommend "just run your own server".

It's not a feasible thing to do for 99.99% of people and besides it doesn't solve moderation issues; it only subtly shifts moderation work around.

There are no technological solutions for social problems. Never have been, never will be.

Someone always has to do the hard work.

Imagine you're a visually impaired Mastodon user and your screen reader encounters a post that says something like "A stunning view I saw this morning" or "This is hilarious." But the image is the equivalent of what you see below: a blank. Wouldn't it be frustrating to encounter post after post like that?

Describe images. It's an act of love. Describe them as you would to a dear friend you were talking to on the phone.

Sometimes I am a bit scatterbrained. Had the note that I must prepay 5€ to a prepaid mobile account to not lose the phone number 0178-2323141 – I actually never used this. It was a SIM card used for testing only. I forgot and now I lost it. I hope, someone else loves to get this number and not some algorithm says this number costs €50.

Frage an meine Instanz und meine follower:
Kennt jemand einen Perückenmacher für Echthaar?
Vorzugsweise in NRW. Bin ja Hessin woanders
Die Frau eines Kollegen hat Chemo das zweite Mal und die Kassen Perücke ist übel
Ich würde ihr meine Haare spenden
Sie benötigt dunkle Haare
Ernst gemeinte Frage, da wenn meine Haare OK sind, habe ich bald ein Profilbild mit 3 mm Haarlänge
Boost wäre wirklich super ❤️


"Wer nicht weichen will, muss fühlen. Ein täglicher Baustellen-Stau im Norden #Stuttgarts wird für 117 #Autofahrer nun noch ärgerlicher: Sie müssen einen Monat lang aufs Autofahren verzichten. Fahrverbot. Die Sünder hatten auf den Bundesstraßen 10 und 27 bei Zuffenhausen in der Staukolonne keine Rettungsgasse gebildet. „Über 100 Fahrverbote ist schon eine Menge, vor allem in gerade mal zwei Stunden“, bilanziert Polizeisprecher Sven Burkhardt."

danke @GratianRiter


Just spent two hours in the shop sanding down the paint of the steel GT. The seat stays are interesting. The material was pretty rough. It seems they used a lot of high build primer and sanded it smooth. No oxidation, just very rough tubes.

@carlosfroh “GTs are nice, but Marins for free are nice as well!”
― Mattias Schlenker

@carlosfroh “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein

3/x The first pic looks good? Details reveal: The frame and fork (made by Spinner) wear lots of scars. I'll keep them. So, no, not a dream build but rather a low budget, albeit total fun build. Be prepared so see my winter rat get alive!

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2/x A dream? Not so much. Muirwoods were hardly anyones dreams in the 1990s. You dreamt of Team Marin or Team Issue and you might have gotten a Bear Valley or a Muirwoods. With this background it is a nice detail that the 1997 Muirwoods actually had a similar frame as the Pine Mountain.

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1/x Starting a thread for the . I cleaned frame, fork and wheels. Spot the details of the parts. I'll come back later for these.

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