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Heute trifft sich der funktionale Stammtisch #Leipzig ab 20 Uhr zum ersten Mal in unseren Räumlichkeiten. Es geht um funktionale Programmiersprachen und allem was dazu gehört. Bei Interesse könnt Ihr gern vorbei kommen. #Meetup

In German, never trust your ears:

Er ist wild = He is wild
Er isst Wild = He eats venison

Gelehrte konnten = scholars were able to
geleerte Konten = cleared accounts

Hasst du die Urzeit? = Do you hate primeval times?
Hast du die Uhrzeit? = Have you got the time?

schlechter Rasen = bad lawn
Schlächter rasen = butchers speed

Die Küste fiel = The shoreline fell
Die küsste viel = She kissed a lot

Er ist wieder willig = He's willing again
Er ist widerwillig = He's reluctant

Enjoy our language!

Säge-Sören macht Duisburg kahl. "Straßenbegleitgrün" oder auch Bäume genannt haben keinen Stellenwert in der Hitze-Stadt.
Stattdessen wird die Asphaltwüste ausgebaut damit mehr Autos rumstehen können

@DrRickWoten Hi from Germany, Berlin 🙂
For an article I am looking for historical information on gender separation in cycling sports - like when and why have which genders been separated for example ... are there any sources/facts on that topic? Any historians specialized on that topic?

22 November 1934 | A Dutch Jewish girl, Judic Vischjager, was born in #Amsterdam.

She arrived at #Auschwitz on 12 November 1942 in a transport of 758 #Jews deported from #Westerbork in German-occupied #Netherlands.

Together with her brother Jacob she was among 707 of them murdered in gas chambers right after selection made by SS doctors.

#history #Holocaust #Nazi #Germany #ww2 #WorldWar2

I’m here for the bike toots! 🚲

Mom of 11 yo boy who is +17 months post stem cell transplant.

My co-life = Jamie and he is the BEST. He also serves in the role of husband.

I work in comms at Purdue CS and am fortunate to live in a (mostly) bikeable community.

We dabble in road and single track, but mostly I’m on an acoustic or ebike commuter — trying not to get smashed by traffic.

There must be a word for the feeling when you're walking along, listening to The Logical Song, nearing the end of the vocal part when you see someone you know... And they spot you before you're able to hide... And you have to stop... and just miss out on the feeling of hearing that last note.

What's that word?

Last friday one team in our class had one block "teacher ill". So they spent the time sitting in the school library improving the shooter... I love the result and have to do a debug session. These kids are 10 and 11yrs old.

If you support your local comic artists you get nice stuff! 🥰
Thanks @Fuchskind !

Haven't done a #projects post in a while. So how about that shower-thought-turned-mastodon-instance of mine that's

Started as a weird idea ("What if my plush donkey @timothy had his own account"), grew into a bigger weird idea ("What if there was a whole instance just for plushies"), ended in clicking a domain & an instance on @mastohost.

There are now 24 registered plushies & I still get registration requests almost daily.

I love it 😊

This is Richard M. Fierro, one of the people who tackled the gunman in the Colorado Springs #ClubQ shooting.

Here's his brewery website. Alright Mastodon, do your thing. Buy yourself a beer and toast a real hero. Please boost!

@mattias If there isn't, maybe time to create an "awesome list"? Should be possible to crowd source?

Raspis made in Kenya: Raspberry Pi Foundation produziert jetzt in Afrika

Ein untypischer Zug der Raspberry Pi Foundation: Die Firma stellt die ersten Raspi-Modelle in Nairobi, Kenia her. Weitere sollen folgen.

#RaspberryPi #Raspberry #MadeInKenya

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