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Moved to a new instance so a re- :
I'm a he/him living in (the North-West of England).
I'd rather be than looking at a screen: (old-school ), , , , , , it's all good whether or . 

A through and through.
A creative jack of all trades but master of none.

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As a kid when I worked as a KP in an Italian restaurant most the front of house pretended to be Italian and called Gino or Luigi when in fact they were from Mick from Birkenhead or Baz from Widnes.

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This pure #AI generated Seinfeld knockoff is disturbingly hilarious! I am literally in tears here.

And I'd fully forgotten how brilliantly funny the video of the original is.

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The problem with streaming services is that you can accidentally discover that Fun Lovin' Criminals recorded a cover of Witness (1 Hope).
I assume this kinda thing is what the 'Report' option in is for, yeah?

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"does anyone besides me give a single shit about this?" is a question you should never ask yourself before posting, but always ask before replying

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#Norway already taxes cars by weight—which makes a lot of sense, because heavy vehicles seriously degrade asphalt. The US and Canada should do the same.

"If You Want a Car This Heavy, You Should Pay Through the Nose
It’s time to tax vehicles for weighing too much—even if they’re electric."

Sorry, Joe...

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It’s REALLY important that #Vancouver’s Downtown Business Association, who were originally AGAINST downtown separated, protected bike-lanes, later became one of their most vigourous supporters, because of EVIDENCE that bike-lanes are better for downtown business than any street parking they replace.

#BikeLanes #bikes #downtowns #cars #cities #urbanism #transportation #streets #business

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Today, La Daughter ( opened her own tattoo studio, Golden Goose Tattoos. A stones throw from Birmingham New Street station, it's a bright, modern, clean studio of friendly female artists and I couldn't be prouder.

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“This city is going to hell! That used to be a parking lot.” —New Yorker, 1976 has seemingly run out of steam, so I'm having to mock up my own version. That said, it's the curve of the drops that I've been struggling to find what I'm after, which the tool never showed. It looks as though Ritchey Beacon XLs (in grey here) might be the holy grail.

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the story so far:

Owen Paterson
Greensill Capital
the £800,000 loan
Lebedev peerage
secret hampers
the £150k treehouse
Zahawi tax
Williamson bullying
Imran Ahmad Khan
Raab bullying
Patel bullying
illegal prorogation


It’s been a right grey weekend: Today’s ride in the clag followed a gloomy walk yesterday.

Welcome to the New Power Generation. The reason my voice is so clear is Dolby NR in my brain. 💜

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Are all the tech workers getting laid off going to get the chance to retrain in ballet?

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TIL the WWW originally had a logo, and nothing else is better at expressing the naive academic techno-optimism from the 1990s than a design that looks hand-coded in PostScript and that slogan at the top.

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