The verges beyond reach of the council death squads are looking awesome

I've been this way a few times before and grumped about it being bumpy/muddy but today it just felt calm, isolated and really beautiful.

Somewhere in about 100 years ago, or more. Apparently we progressed 🤷‍♂️

Prof. Julia Steinberger reports
that for 3 full days the EU parliament hosted thousands of scientists, activists and policy-makers charting a future beyond growth, but says every single journalist there she spoke to said, "my editor refuses to print any story critical of economic growth."
She is asking people to spread the word about this.
#beyondgrowth #beyondgrowth2023

Incredibly embarrassing self-own today

Our local big-ish supermarket is close but you have to navigate some shit junctions and a 4-lane pinch point with no cycle infra.

Because of this, the big shop is still a car journey for us - I shouldn't have to take my life into my hands to get 🧻 ya know?

I set off today and immediately hit appalling traffic and moved maybe 1-3km in 15 minutes. The whole time I was furious with myself. This is *why* we got a cargo bike but fear keeps me in the car.

A new way to 'slow' ?
Round nice and evenly spread across the trail. Straight down into the bushes.

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