Imagine if we had invented a perfect nuclear fusion reactor, ready to start to produce infinite clean energy when we flick the switch tomorrow

Unless we also magically changed our entire economic system—all our incentives, regulations, the basic structure of our entire world—to reflect this new reality

All we would be doing is supercharging every other machine that is extracting resources

The death cult of infinite growth is the problem and we can't "efficiency" our way out of that

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NEW: The federal e-bike bill is back!

A bill introduced Tuesday would offer Americans up to $1,500 off a new e-bike. The basics:

→ E-bikes, e-cargo bikes, and e-trikes are eligible
→ Bike price capped at $8,000
→ Max credit of $1,500 or 30% of purchase price
→ Income cap of $150k for singles or $300k for joint filers
→ Eligible e-bikes must be certified for safety (a nod toward fire risk from cheap, imported models)

More info:

#ebikes #congress

"Ladies and Gentlemen": tired, plain, archaic.

"Ugly bags of mostly water": Inclusive, accurate, reminds you to hydrate.

#IPCC What I heard from the lead author's today:

•We'll pass 1.5° in early 2030s
•Rest of 2020s is key
•Storm frequency / severity will continue to go up
•All projects should be climate solutions
•Financing is needed & a good financial investment
•To work, ideas need to be vetted by community partners
•We have good tools + science already
•Mitigation / adaptation are more possible now than ever.

#ClimateAction #ClimateChange

I'd be a lot more excited about the equinox if Outside would at least pretend it knew it was Spring.

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As we saw again this past week, we have socialism for the wealthy and connected, rugged individualism for everyone else.

Is it any wonder that so many see the system as rigged against them?

Just now thought to use FrogFind by @ActionRetro to browse on my older Kindles, and it works like a charm!

It makes the web downright useable on these devices

I see the tech crowd is pretending that Credit Suisse was a stable bank, and that it was completely uninvolved with criminality, tax evasion, fraud, and market manipulation over the past decade.

"OMG! How is it possible that a bank whose main claim to fame is tax evasion and fraud, whose schemes have steadily been unwinding over a decade, just fall apart so SUDDENLY?!"


Oh, man. This comic — from 1993 — could NOT be more relevant today. As usual, Bill Watterson hits it out of the park.

#Banks #Banking #Bailout #AntiCapitalism

Hey nerds, let's have another #MARCHintosh giveaway!

Remember how I got a button badge maker a little while ago? Today I printed some OS 9 icons out on the ImageWriter and turned them into badges.

I've got eight badges that need new homes.

Give this toot a like, and around 4pm GMT tomorrow (Sunday 19 March) I'll draw four likers out of the computer-hat to get a pair of badges each.


EDIT2: Name draw post, featuring HyperCard:

"Refugees didn't take away adorable housing, rich landlords & greedy politicians did"
Poster spotted in London


I guess what I mostly like about the Australian phrase "I didn't come here to fuck spiders" - meaning 'I am here to do serious work' - is that by emphasising specific words you can really change the tone and meaning.

Happy 8 year anniversary to Bunny who I met on this day back in 2015. I'd never met a #donkey before, but the small ranch that we bought, well, the previous owner had 6 #horses & this donkey & when she moved, she took all of her horses & left Bunny behind. She was distraught, so I learned everything I could about #donkeys, started rescuing them myself.

She's also sort of how I started my #blog, "adonkumentary," which has it evolved & followed us through so SO many profound changes.

Cargo Bike Test Ride event, April 30 at 10AM at Danehy Park in #CambMA. Great chance to let people figure out what all the possibilities are. I’ll be dragging every parent buddy who’s ever admired or places their kid in my cargobike.

One problem with my Mastodon feed becoming busier: At first I responded to everyone. Then I responded to almost everyone. Some days there is too much and I can't (plus writing deadlines, etc.)

If there is an arrest this week, and I don't respond to you, please don't take it personally. I appreciate all my readers.

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