In depth look at the recent ban on Dartmoor, featuring key players like wealthy hedge fund manager and land owner , , the MP for Totnes, and .

How wild camping was made illegal by Darwall despite him taking tax-payers money for his estates and how a donation to Tory MP Mangnall to seems to have bought his silence and lead to accusations of corruption.

H/T @hollybrigstocke

Blah blah lie blah lie blah blah blah lie blah lie blah deflect blah lie blah...

A milestone! We've had our first "well why isn't there a penis museum" since joining the fedi!

It is with a heavy heart that we must tap the sign.

Listening to this, imagining Trump and Johnson being lead away in handcuffs.

#Debirdify has been suspended by Twitter without warning or explanation. Apparently it violated ‘Twitter rules and policies’, but that is all they told us.

We contacted Twitter support about the situation, but we are not particularly optimistic.

We always knew this could happen; it happened to other services in the past, so we are neither particularly surprised nor sad about it.

In the mean time, Fedifinder still works:

Use it while you still can!

Working from home makes it much easier to light incense and listen to black metal than it would be in the office. 😉

A clip from an interview with one of the original SimCity designers, on how the game would have fallen apart if parking lots in the game were their actual sizes in modern cities.

Energy workers in France cut power to the wealthy and redirected it to the poor/schools/hospitals. 🥰

They were annoyed I was using it because their "system" doesn't send out a number but that's not my problem.

I barely answer phone calls from people I /know/ so I'm definitely not answering withheld number calls.

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I always use automated call screening on my phone if the call is coming from a private number etc.

Got a call without a number in caller ID and used it and the caller hung up. The no number called again and then hung up again. I then got a call from a different number and I answered. The person was annoyed that I hadn't answered the no number but I explained that I never answer calls if there is no caller ID...

Had an email asking me if I was interested in a job with a "fintech startup" on a missing to "democratise capitalism"... I said no.

If they'd said they were on a mission to "burn capitalism to the ground and replace it with a system that benefits the workers" I'd be all in! 😉

(Sorry, my last post had a typo in one of the hashtags so I deleted and re-drafted as my instance doesn't support editing yet. Please re-boost if you'd done so already!)

National Park was the only place in England with the right to .

This right was lost when one of Dartmoor’s landowners – the hedge fund manager and Conservative party donor – brought a high court case removing that right.

This film shows one of the UK’s largest ever protests over public use of the countryside and wild campers on Dartmoor as they seek to appeal against the court’s decision and extend the with new laws.

Not sure that's what plant based means, . OK, there's one shelf but...

Well, it's been a very very long wait with a few cancellations but finally, tonight, I'm going to see #LambOfGod and #Kreator!

Venue changed to Wembley which, for me, is a real hassle to get to but it'll still be a great gig!

Fellow UK people who hate surprises:

Put a reminder in your calendar, or somehow warn yourself that there will probably be a sudden unexpected noise from your phone on the 23rd April (St George’s Day) in the evening as we get our first emergency test broadcast message.

There is an example video on the gov website for what to expect.


"Cities are meant to stop traffic. That is their point. That is why they are there. That is why traders put outposts there, merchants put shops there, hoteliers erect inns there. Rationally one wants to have traffic *stop* there, not go *through*."

—Kirkpatrick Sale, Human Scale.
[Photo: Pontevedra, #Spain]

One of them outlines how £3k for a cycle isn't actually that much if it replaces a car which costs £2.3k a year just to run!

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