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You couldn't make it up.

Number 10 is now promoting content that shows *just* how bad their own Brexit deal was.

Is Sunak "rolling the pitch" for a UK-wide return to the single market?

Maybe a Tory manifesto pledge to rejoin the SM, outflanking Starmer's position?

Remember - you are only one bike ride away from a great day.

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The worst thing about having your password stolen is having to rename the dog.

10-15% of my orders used to be to the EU, now it's down a couple a month. Think it's mainly due to the customs charges customers have to pay now.

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Jacinda Ardern has stepped down as New Zealand prime minister in an emotional and surprise announcement.
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Here's the full set of answers. As you can see, responses could change dramatically when driving was mentioned. All except Question 2 were hugely statistically different.

This doesn't make sense! The principle is the same in both forms of each question; only context changes 6/14

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Colin Unsworth rode naked, 837 miles, from Lands End to John O’Groats with Sadie Tann.

"The couple, who rode a tandem bike, posed naked at various iconic locations during the 837-mile journey, including Edinburgh Castle and the Angel of the North."

#cycling #BikeTooter #skyclad

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It is maddening with shops with appalling customer service (Sigma Sports) thrive and small family businesses like VeloVixen go under. PLEASE support your local bike shops, whilst you still have them. #BuyLocal

I've juts launched my latest virtual gravel event - the Hell of the Notts Part 2.

Either 100 km or 100 miles in north Nottinghamshire - one of Britain's best kept gravelly secrets.

I started doing virtual events back in the pandemic and they've proved to be very popular. Just sign up and ride when you like. The routes are revealed on March 31st.

Currently watching Rapha Gone Racing. Nice to escape reality for half an hour or so.

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First ride of the year done. A modest 30km up the hill to the edge of the Peak District and back.

TBF only went out because it was less muddy than going for a run over the fields.

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Always a pleasure to have to get round cars left on the shared path next to 50mph traffic.

If it had been left in the road, the police would soon take an interest, but walking, wheeling and cycling? Meh.


Last day of the year. Reflecting on '22 and as usual not getting enough miles in. Looking forward to next year and seeing what adventures it will bring.

Who's got plans for 2023 ?

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Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to post a reply video on Twitter and go to Romanian prison

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Inside West Suffolk's (UK) Maglia Rosso is the signed jersey from Graeme Obree's one-hour record in Oslo, a preserved Penny Farthing from the 1880s, and (what I think is) the owner's completion jersey from the LEJOG (Land's End to John O' Groats).

Beautiful place!

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