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Belated , or whatever it's called, introduction: Yarra Bicycle Users Group advocates for cycling infrastructure, low emissions transport and works toward a safe, comfortable, fit for purpose bicycle network for everyone aged eight to eighty, as age should be no barrier to riding a bike

"Kids but no car: Meet one of the rarest families in Melbourne" Interesting framing altho families + ecargobikes would be far from outliers with comparable rebates to EVs, decent state govt cycling infra budgets & 30kmh limits on local streets

New! Yarra Bicycle Users Group Radio : Katie Falkiner, challenges & opportunities for in : the school run, transport equity for women, , and more! News incl make a submission supporting in Fed Budget & Pop up bike lanes survey

Actually that's a reasonable catch

'The incentive program, as reported by The Times, offers many opportunities for those in France to get a little help with that , but the bling subsidy is actually for those who are swapping their gas-guzzling, greenhouse gas-spewing automobile for an e-bike.

It also only applies to lower income households in specific urban areas'

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Rough maths/€ to AUD ($6160.60) 's existing 'Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap' $100m budget could provide approximately 16k as car replacement, or contribute towards part thereof

Superior ROI
Reduce emissions
Increased happiness

Epic bird site thread, more about Inkerman Rd protected bike lanes 

Don't only get mad at stupid decisions, get organised. Join your local bicycle user group and consider following what's happening at your local council

The impact of new bike lanes (in Frankfurt):

"Better cycling infrastructure does not only improve conditions for cyclists, but also contributes to a higher quality of urban life for residents."

#biking #cycling #bikes #cities

@Dave42W @derekvanvliet clarifying that last point:

The infrastructure that works for a confident cyclist works only for that group

The infrastructure that works for the most vulnerable and least confident works for *everyone*

Naarm Melbourne bike lanes and that magical correlation/causation thing again 🧙‍♀️

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New! : Inkerman Road protected bike lanes & Recycling bicycle tyres, Chris chats to Charlie Woolley from Recycle Bike Tyres on diverting rubber from landfill. Local news incl threat to long promised Inkerman Road lanes at next Glen Eira Council meeting

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