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Pickering’s east buttress. Technically “peak 13221”s east buttress, but that peak is really just a shoulder on Pickering?
#SierraNevada #Mountains #California #TrailRunning #PeakBagging

Monday monday monday!!! My new favourite time of the week! Lets jump into another installment of #MoodyMonday!
Here's another image from my Nightmares project.

#blackandwhitephotography #BlackAndWhite #monochrome #horror

Item 1
A highway that will cost billions, take 20 years and contribute to the destruc....Approved!

Item 2
A 3km mobility lane that will cost almost nothing, reduce traffic and align with our climate emerg...Do you have approval from every living and deceased resident in the city?

“Skye – you obliterate me with your long nights
you turn my head with your sunsets 
you make me dizzy with your giddy winds;
 you know, sometimes they go on and on and on:
 it’s the only conversation we have for days,
and it drives me crazy.
 And your bog myrtle perfume is making me ill. 
I need a drink. More whisky. I haven’t drunk enough of you yet.”

From ‘Skye’ by Mark O. Goodwin

Another sky packed with incident. Sunset and snow. Clouds and crofts. No Bog Myrtle. Yet.

#Slainte #landscape

Has anyone ever been to Nelson, Nevada? It is a photographer's dream! I have only been able to visit once, but hope to get back there one day! I l love abandoned photography and this place is great for that!

#abandoned #AbandonedTruck #OldTruck #NelsonNevada #AYearForArt #GiftArt #BuyArtNotCandy #mastophotography

#ThickTrunkTuesday eucalyptus in the Parque das Águas, Porto with a tiny person and park bench for size reference

“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.”
G K Chesterton

The skies here seem fluid and thus frequently alter and transform. This afternoon shot has a whole variety of cloud shapes and colours. Blues, yellows and greys predominate. The sun brings warmth. The winter landscape sits stern and chilly. It’s easy to read into them all kinds of structures and places. Is there more to the sky than meets the eye? Dare we daydream?

#sky #isleofskye #cloud #imagination #fantasy

If you're British, or live in the UK, PLESE sign this petition?
I'm stumped as to why it's only had 7 574 signatures!

It’s getting milder and lighter. Pleasant ride to the station and treated to a beautiful red sunrise when I arrived. Loving . 
Miles not driven today: 50 
Miles driven in 2023: 30 
Miles not driven in 2023: 576 

I found this wooden serving bowl for free on the curb near my house. It was painted baby blue and had numerous scrapes from the sidewalk. I sanded, then added a #FractalBurn down the side, finished with beeswax and mineral oil. #Woodworking #LichtenbergFigures #Art

“Nope” was filmed in town here next to #PCT. The mini-town and theater was built on this movie ranch (first two pics, during vs today). The protagonists’ home was on a property next door. Minor set (no pics), it was all composited and the ranch removed. Last pic is the hill the alien cloud floated over.
#AguaDulce #PacificCrestTrail #Hollywood #Nope

Overton Park Bike Gate, Memphis. There's something very satisfying in knowing that this stands more or less right where I-40 was originally planned to plow through the park.

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