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Did the Ride London 60 yesterday. Total distance came to about 80 miles in the end if including getting to the start and then back home again after. What an amazing day. Wish places had it so the roads were completely closed to cars more often.

@tomflood Holding the door open for someone is a common courtesy.
Stopping your car and not hitting someone with it while they cross the street is not an act of kindness or courtesy. It is the bare minimum of your responsibility as a driver. Let's not confuse courtesy and responsibility.

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Jumping Squirrels, snow - it would have been hard to do much better for my wildlife guests in Scotland last week.

Whoever said @omsystem.cameras can’t do low light? 8000 iso and looking lovely

#wildlifephotography #photographyholiday
#snow #winter #nature #om1
#olympusom1 #naturephotography #scotlandshots #scotlandphotography

My father-in-law and I took a nice Sunday drive through Kensington Metropark, out here in the western suburbs of Detroit. We saw sandhill cranes and deer, cross-country skiers and sledders. We also spotted this lovely stand of snow-coated trees.

I didn’t have my big camera, but the iPhone did well. And yes, this is a color picture.

January 29, 2023. Metro Detroit.

#photography #naturephotography #landscape #landscapephotography #blackandwhite #tree #trees #michigan #puremichigan

Time to show a simple sunset. I got a warning this was happening from a glow in the sky. The dog and I ran up the lane to the hilltop and caught this fire behind the Tables*. 15 minutes later it was dark. I don’t always capture a photograph. Somtimes I just let the image burn on my memory. That way I can’t share it. This way I can. (*MacLeod's Tables)

It’s kind of amazing that you can fit about half of Bern’s 🇨🇭 built Old City (Altstadt, eastern portion shown) in the just footprint of Seattle’s I-5/I-90 interchange. Two of those interchanges would basically be all of the Altstadt.

Watching and the irony that a prisoner escaped from jail and essentially became invisible to everybody in a city, including the police, simply by getting on a bicycle and cycling.

Maybe if people actually looked out for cyclists...

A great Blue Heron has just landed in a pond at Fern Ridge, a natural wildlife area in Oregon. I never tire of shooting Great Blue Herons - I love their plumage, their gracefulness and the way they seem to love their solitude. I added texture and a painterly finish to soften the background. #greatblueheron #birdphotography #aYearforart #photograpicart

Bridalveil Falls

This image was taken from across the Merced River during the spring time. Bring rain gear if you want to get near the base.
Bridalveil falls has a height of 617 feet from top to bottom.
This is one of my favorite places in the park to just sit and take in nature. Sitting next to the Merced River as the water flows past. See the full image here: #aYearForArt #BillGallagherPhotography #YosemiteNationalPark #BridalVeilFalls

I love living on #Whadjuk land. It’s a place of raw, natural beauty. One of my favourite places is Injinup. 🤍 I love capturing perfect moments #photography

Up the waterfall to Sky Blue Lake is a nice payoff. Only been drought when I’m there, must be awesome when it’s gushing.
#SierraNevada #Mountains #California #Hiking #AlpineLakes #MonoLand

Now that the puddles are receding after the huge atmospheric river storms we had, there are these ice ledges in all the shady spots along the trail. I thought I’d poke the iPhone camera below the ice, just to see what that was like… #ice #aftertheatorm #california #dogwalks

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