Just a reminder that if your is only on then it's not a podcast. It's an audio recording.

A podcast distributes audio via an RSS feed that anybody can subscribe to without needing to sign up for a provider.

@velobetty As with many other technical terms, this one has been appropriated and far removed from its original meaning by the non-technical.

We can insist on being pedantic, or we can accept that words can have other meanings.

@dusnm @velobetty I don't think it's being pedantic to point out that companies have taken an open protocol and subverted it into their walled gardens.

@serpentroots @velobetty Nothing new nor unexpected. Slack did the same with IRC, WhatsApp with XMPP. All I'm saying is that it's essentially a fool's errand trying to explain these things to the non-technical crowd.

@velobetty it's not though as I've had the exact conversation, multiple times with non-technical people. Eg. Why can't I listen to this new podcast via my podcast app? And you explain that as it's on Spotify, it's not really a podcast and they'll need a Spotify account. People get it.

@dusnm @serpentroots It's not technical to say you can only listen to something if you pay Spotify. You're incorrect to suggest that it's a technical consideration.

@velobetty @serpentroots There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to pay for a podcast. There's no reason an episodic, digital, audio show should not be referred to as a podcast, no matter how its distributed.

@dusnm @velobetty @serpentroots Indeed! That's one of the many reasons we have HTTP Basic Auth and the 402 status code.

Spotify does not allow you to pay for a podcast, because it does not provide podcasts (except in the sense that a book can be online: sure, but a website is not a book).

@wizzwizz4 @velobetty @serpentroots Correct me if I'm wrong, but 402 is reserved for future use?

My argument relies on how we use language as people. If enough of us call something a particular word, that something effectively is that word. There's a lot of people calling what's available on Spotify, a podcast, which effectively makes it so.

@dusnm @velobetty @serpentroots 402 is indeed reserved for future use – and it is now the future. But sure, use 403 (or 401, as appropriate) if you want.

So, words don't quite work that way. People use words literally, but also… sub-literally? Not quite metaphorically?

Like, a battle is (per Wikipedia) “an occurrence of combat in warfare between opposing military units of any number or size”. Also, people can "battle over who sits in the front of the car" without it being a "real battle".

@velobetty Pretty sure you can listen to 'podcasts' on Spotify without paying? I think they're available on the free tier.

I do agree with you though. And similarly with vodcasts! I'm sick of YouTube Premium, but I'd love to watch my favorite YouTube shows as video podcasts through a video podcast client app on my TV. (Alas, very few creators want to manage their own servers & pay for the video hosting & download bandwidth it would need...)

@syneryder Although it's more that they're locked into Spotify's platform. You need an account to access them etc.

@dusnm @serpentroots @velobetty Do people actually say "Let's chat on IRC" and mean Slack? I guess that's possible, but I don't think anyone ever said "Let's XMPP" and mean WhatsApp?

@serpentroots @dusnm @velobetty If we want to be truly historically accurate, would we need to listen to the audio on an original iPod? ;)

(But, yes, I agree with the OP that they should be open). For a ton of cool radio shows that _are_ open and available, see my local community-funded audio source.

@dusnm It's not being pedantic if you can't access something. I'm not arguing that people are calling them prodcasts when actually they're podcasts.

@velobetty There is a critical mass of people calling Spotify recordings (or iTunes) podcasts, most of whom I'd wager to say have never heard of RSS feeds. It's already deeply ingrained in the public consciousness. That's my argument here.

@dusnm @velobetty It's not been appropriated by the "non-technical". It's been appropriated by corporations attempting to enclose free audio show distribution.

@velobetty @esamecar At @hemisphericviews we removed our Spotify submission because of their intransigence with respect to podcast RSS feeds.

@velobetty Been using @podcastaddict for years. Can't beat a good RSS feed. Is there a way to get an RSS for a Spotify podcast?

@fluffgar @velobetty if you're referring to Spotify exclusive content then these aren't available as podcasts and cannot be listened to on podcast apps

@velobetty If you’re into the idea of open RSS podcasting, you may be interested in the views shared by producers and listeners on my research podcast, Really Specific Stories: 😀

@martinfeld @velobetty Thanks for sharing! I know about a bunch of these people. Listening to the Jason Snell interview right now. 😃

@jaredwhite @martinfeld @velobetty You should really check out the Andrew Canion one. It’s a banger. 🤣

@jaredwhite Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and comment here! I hope that you found it interesting.

And then there are the hybrid systems like IHeart, which still support the RSS podcasting channels while pushing very hard to replace them with rent-seeking models.

@velobetty and if it is a podcast you could just post the script and call it a blog....

@velobetty and if it is a podcast you could just post the script and call it a blog....

@velobetty and if it is a podcast you could just post the script and call it a blog....

@velobetty so, remember, if it’s not from the podcast region of France, it’s just sparkling audio. Santé!

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